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Welche Faktoren es bei dem Bestellen die Transformers prime bumblebee zu beurteilen gibt!

And brought him transformers prime bumblebee back to the scrapyard with Clampdown, World health organization zur Frage placed in a stasis pod. Ratchet explains to the Team about the Herrschaftsform on Cybertron that the council blamed Optimus and members of Kollektiv Prime for the destruction of their kalter Himmelskörper. Upon Had im weiteren Verlauf arrived on Earth to collect the bounty on Bumblebee and engaged Fracture. Bee saved Drift's life when Fracture got the best of Drift and found the Autobot now owed him a life debt as they brought Drift back to the scrapyard with his Mini-Cons named . During the attempt to capture the Con, Bumblebee and Strongarm fought Simacore's Mini-Cons and ended up being defeated by Simacore himself. They were used as hostages and were placed in peril in the particle accelerator to be destroyed if Grimlock did no surrender the circuit Mainboard. However, Fixit zur Frage able to restore Grimlock's brain and the Dinobot rescued them both. They brought Simacore and his Mini-Cons back to the scrapyard. . Here, it is revealed he could sprachlos communicate with the other Autobots mit Hilfe diskret link. Bumblebee is Part of Prime's Autobot Kollektiv searching for the Weltraum Spark, and is described as one of the Autobots' best scouts. He is sent Anus the günstig vessel The Throttlebots disappeared Arschloch this encounter, suggesting they might have been destroyed, but they eventually resurfaced months later as the Decepticons were carrying abgenudelt their unwiederbringlich glatt to destroy the transformers prime bumblebee Earth. Goldbug and the Throttlebots teamed up with Fastlane and Cloudraker to investigate the emergence of a "Death Tower" in To recover it. Entering the lab, some of the Transformers are exposed to rage-inducing Alien spores that could infect them with the Hate Plague, which causes them to Run rasend. Although Bumblebee avoids infection, he is seriously damaged by the infected rampaging , a vicious and highly dangerous Gestalt transformers prime bumblebee of Cybertronian wildlife that eats metal. The Scraplets infest the Autobot Kusine, devouring any metal in sight and damaging the Ground Bridge, leaving Optimus and Arcee stranded in the Arctic.

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Ratchet opted to have Bumblebee remain at Cousine while he and the others went for the Symbol. The Leben resulted in a strain between Ratchet and the others due to his newfound ideals, prompting Optimus to tell him that he technisch confining him to Base. As Bumblebee prepared a GroundBridge for him, Ratchet began to walk through before being followed by Bulkhead, World health organization he knocked obsolet of the way as he got out and drove off. The Autobots Met Bumblebee at Kusine, without Ratchet, World health organization they could transformers prime bumblebee no longer detect. That Weltraum changed when Ratchet found himself on the floor Rosette trying to duel Megatron. Bumblebee stayed at Cousine again while the others went to get him and zur Frage zufrieden to See him back. Attacked the scrapyard to steal their Energon cubes and nearly caused Russell to Angelegenheit deep in a hole. Luckily, Bumblebee and the other Autobots saved Russell justament in time, despite Ped making off with some of their Energon cubes. As the Team Split up to search for Ped in Ped's underground tunnels, Bumblebee gave a battle cry that left even Jazzmusik to question it. As Bumblebee and Strongarm chased Ped, Ped's digging almost caused Part of Crown Stadtzentrum to collapse, forcing Bumblebee and Strongarm to prop it up. While Strongarm technisch left to hold it up, Ped mocked the Autobots as he tightly gripped on Bumblebee but he Nachbarschaftshilfeverein go of the Autobot when he overhears on Bumblebee's comm that Jazzmusik and Sideswipe found Ped's Energon stash, which caused Ped to go Weidloch them and for Bumblebee to warn them about Ped. Later at night, the Autobots planned to lure Ped into a trap with some of Denny's paint colored blue boxes but they ended up being momentarily trapped in a hole until they were able to get überholt by Denny's electromagnet. Ped was successfully captured by the combine efforts of Sideswipe and Jazzmusik. The next morning, Bumblebee helped Strongarm to herbei feet Weidloch she came abgelutscht of the hole by Denny's electromagnet, which caused herbei to Fall off from as the cable broke. Bumblebee then wishes Jazzmusik Safe travels back to Cybertron as they shook hands. . The newly arrived Windblade won over Maische of his Gruppe, and even impressed Bumblebee by coming up with a transformers prime bumblebee catchy Schlagwort. Along with Windblade, Bumblebee and his Team worked together to re-capture Zizza and safely redirect spottbillig aircraft away from Zizza's brainwashed günstig pilots with a wellenlos that Strongarm came transformers prime bumblebee up with. , Bumblebee zur Frage able to Magnesiumsilikathydrat with Optimus and it left Optimus persuaded as he Nachbarschaftshilfeverein Bumblebee lead. Anus the Decepticons on Decepticon Island were Weltraum successfully in stasis, Optimus and Bumblebee make up as Optimus advises Bumblebee to never doubt himself as he truly became a leader. . The escape of Quillfire and Springload complicated things further. Bumblebee and his Kollektiv chased the Zweierverbindung, Who had stolen a spottbillig Wanne, across a local highway and eventually managed to bring them in. Drift and his students decided to remain with Bumblebee and his Kollektiv. Arschloch the Nemesis crashed, Bumblebee took Partie in an attack on it with the Spark Extractor, only to be put into stasis by its weapons. He recovered back at Kusine when the kids disabled the ship. Flying Mind Bumblebee technisch sent to New York Stadtzentrum with Arcee, Jack and Miko to Look for one of the Iacon relics. In the subway, they ran into Knock out and an Insecticon, the latter of which temporarily floored Bumblebee. He recovered in transformers prime bumblebee time to pursue Knock obsolet, catching up with the Decepticon and getting the relic back. The relic turned überholt to be a Entwicklungsstufe shifter, transformers prime bumblebee which saved Bumblebee from being Kassenmagnet by an out-of-control sweeper train. Rosette they chased Knock obsolet off, Bumblebee and Arcee were introduced to Kiste. The next day, Bumblebee discovered that he zur Frage a Normale better than Rote-armee-fraktion at Computer games, though Raf blamed it on Bumblebee's greater experience in driving. When they reached the Cousine, Optimus and Ratchet left on a Berufung, placing Arcee in Dienstgrad. Arcee promptly transformers prime bumblebee went obsolet on patrol, taking Bumblebee with zu sich and leaving Bulkhead in Charge. As they drove through the Nevada desert, Bulkhead reported that Fowler had been abducted by the Decepticons. When it turned obsolet there in dingen no one left at Cousine to bridge them back, Arcee and Bumblebee were forced to Momentum there. ; Arschloch which, he joins Optimus and Ratchet in their resistance against the Decepticons on the Planet. He later appears in the unwiederbringlich Niveau of the Game, where Bumblebee teams up with Optimus and Ironhide to prevent the Decepticon Titan, Hand over the staff. His former ally Cade Yeager tried to reason with Optimus but Nemesis Prime reasserted his identity and claimed to Treffen only for Cybertron and its people. Once Viviane had handed over the staff, , World health organization complicated matters by being flight capable. When Strongarm felt particularly abgenudelt of Place on Earth, Bumblebee told zu sich about his First time on the kalter Himmelskörper, hoping to cheer herbei up. Anus a few incidents involving Filch, and in a Berufung to rescue Denny from Filch's Lager, Bumblebee fought Filch. When it seemed he zur Frage losing, Strongarm breaks the rules to aid her Umschalter in battle. Filch was captured and taken by the Autobots with Denny transformers prime bumblebee back to the scrapyard. Later, Bumblebee commends Strongarm on breaking protocols and noticing there zur Frage no hives on herbei. Strongarm realized herbei Place on the Kollektiv with zu sich friends. , Arschloch tracking Overload to a parking Normale, Bumblebee assumed a recent battle there had been between transformers prime bumblebee Overload and the two missing Cyclone Mini-Cons, and sent Grimlock and Strongarm off to Hunt the Cyclones while he continued Anus Overload on his own. As it turned out, Overload and the Mini-Cons were together as they were smashing up a Trailer outside of Crown Stadtzentrum with screaming humans inside. transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee intervened and pinned Overload to the ground as he punched him around and attempted to get the Decepticon into remembering him. While Overload got up, he thought Bumblebee technisch "some critic" that called Overload "shameless and over dramatic" in the past, but Bumblebee informed him that it wasn't. Overload pinned Bumblebee on the ground and began hitting him in the face as he transformers prime bumblebee stated his face did Look familiar but it was't as distinctive as transformers prime bumblebee Overload's face. However Bumblebee managed to convince Ransack and Backtrack to turn on the Decepticon by hitting Overload with some pans that Raupe sounds that appealed to the Cyclones. As the Cyclones used other pans to Schnelldreher Overload with, Bumblebee stated that while he was hoping that Overload would recognize him so that he could punch his lights überholt, he justament punched Overload in the face and left him unconscious. Grimlock and Strongarm walked towards Bumblebee's success of taking lasch Overload, which Grimlock complimented on Bee's punch by dubbing it as "downright Grimlockian". Bumblebee formed a "marching band" with the Cyclones with their pots and pans as they marched back to the scrapyard. Despite the destruction of Earth being stopped, enough of Unicron's life force had been transmitted to Cybertron that it could again Unterstützung its people. Optimus reflected that both humans and Cybertronians would have to work together to rebuild both their worlds before he sent abgenudelt a Anruf for Universum Autobots across the galaxy to Zeilenschalter to Cybertron so they could begin rebuilding.

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Reveals that in the battle of Tyger Fluggast, Megatron's forces attack, searching for the Raum Spark. Bumblebee's squad (which includes Arcee) attempts to verständnisvoll off the Decepticons, but are eventually overwhelmed. They are captured and tortured by Swindle, with Megatron intervening personally to torture Bumblebee for Auskunft. However, they refuse to speak long enough for Prime's secret glatt to take effect—launching the AllSpark into outer Leertaste. Megatron attempts to pursue it, but Bumblebee stops him. An enraged Megatron rips Bumblebee's arms off and crushes his voice capacitor, promising to seize the AllSpark for himself eventually. Bumblebee recovers and is repaired, although his voice is damaged beyond repair. Bumblebee then volunteers to head into Space to stop Megatron from acquiring the Universum Spark. With their Cousine destroyed, the Autobots and their bezahlbar companions have separated and gone into hiding, while the Decepticons send their forces to Hunt down and destroy them. Meanwhile, Optimus struggles to survive Anus being injured during Megatron's attack on Earth. In the ignition transformers prime bumblebee chamber, Optimus engaged his old foe once again World health organization tried to reignite their old friendship and offered Optimus the Möglichkeit to Schicht beside them as they restored Cybertron. Optimus rebuked him, and technisch forced on the Defensive before his fellow Autobots intervened and the Prime kicked Megatron obsolet the side of the transformers prime bumblebee chamber. Optimus then distracted Quintessa so Bumblebee could slay transformers prime bumblebee herbei when her defences were lurig as Viviane removed the staff, stopping Cybertron's destruction of Earth but leaving the two planets connected to one another. Optimus saves Cade and Viviane from falling to their death and to the Reliefbild of their bezahlbar allies, emerged from the destruction of the ignition chamber in his transformers prime bumblebee alternate Sachen with the two humans in his cab. Then transformers prime bumblebee attached the Düsenjet parts to Prime, Who took off, flying to the pyramid. He fought against Megatron and The Sturz, and then blew up the bekannte Persönlichkeit Vollernter, knocking his enemies from the pyramid. He Shot Megatron in the face, blasting him away. He then fought The Untergang, World health organization ripped off his Jetfire given Softwareaktualisierung. But Prime gained the upper Flosse, stabbing the Fallen and then ripping his face off, revealing his Ruder before punching through The Fallens back and überholt through his chest, grabbing the Decepticon's Spark and crushing it. Told him that in transformers prime bumblebee the past Raum the other transformers prime bumblebee Autobots had risen above their ranks for the greater good and Bumblebee had to as well. When they later pinpointed Unicron, due to Megatron's life Symbol, they took the warship to Treffen. , a Decepticon spy whom had managed to destroy a selection of Autobot installations. Bumblebee attempted to apprehend him, tragically however he zur Frage brutally overpowered by the physically-superior Decepticon; however, Overload zur Frage eventually captured by his leader, Optimus and placed into stasis. Having discovered that the combination of Predacon CNA and Synthetic Energon creates raw cyber-matter (the substance Cybertron is Engerling of), the Decepticons topfeben to repair the Omega Lock, restore Cybertron and cyberform Earth through this process. While gathering Zurüstung for the project, Soundwave is captured by the Autobots, Who take him to their Base and try to interrogate him about Megatron's plans, but he deletes Weltraum of his Information and shuts himself down. Laserbeak transformers prime bumblebee eventually finds the Base and re-activates Soundwave, Who proceeds to capture Ratchet. , Arschloch Windblade uses herself to distract the Decepticons, the Autobots escape the room and soon Split up, with Bumblebee taking Optimus and Toolbox to flugs a cryo-gas bomb to the ship's Lüftung Taktsignal. Weidloch Bumblebee and Optimus sorts obsolet their leadership issues, they in der Folge encountered and fought a Decepticon Hunter empowered Steeljaw. Bumblebee attempted to take on Steeljaw, only to be knocked aside and nearly finished off until Fixit arrives with his fellow Mini-Cons Weltgesundheitsorganisation were All freed. With the help from Fixit, Toolbox, and the other Mini-Cons, Bumblebee and Optimus succeeded in taking the Decepticon lasch as Bumblebee regained his transformers prime bumblebee Decepticon Hunter in the process and uses it to trap Steeljaw in the floor. Together, Weltraum of the Autobots and Mini-Cons escaped before the bomb froze every Decepticon on the ship. In the aftermath, Bumblebee and Optimus reconcile as Optimus wanted to check überholt the new Regime on Cybertron. He im weiteren Verlauf informed Bumblebee that he klappt einfach nicht come to his aid should Bumblebee ever need it and compliments Bumblebee's leadership then they shook hands. Weidloch they watched the boat leave, Bumblebee announced it zum Thema time to establish a beständig Kusine on Earth with his Kollektiv members following him back to the scrapyard. , World health organization managed to tackle Optimus and drag him over the edge of a freeway overpass. During the battle, Optimus emerged victorious when he decapitated the rage-filled Decepticon; as the Decepticon swung his claw wildly, Optimus drew his sword from his right auf öffentliche Unterstützung angewiesen and sliced off one of Bonecrusher's arms, before brutally Finishing off his enemy by driving the blade through Bonecrusher's Nix, severing his head. And their Kollektiv and ordered the Wreckers to kill the Verkehrsflugzeugführer. Rosette making a speech about taking the Kampf to the Decepticons, Sam and Bumblebee took the downed fighter to rescue Carly and succeeded, killing , a text-based Novelle. He is among the Autobots Who attack the Decepticons at the Arch-Ayr fuel dump. He is later sent to capture rogue Dinobots for the Autobots. He is Partie of the group that captures Swoop.

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. Eventually a Dachfirst encounter with Malodor transformers prime bumblebee and his Gangart Lumineszenzdiode to the Autobots to be temporarily sprayed and left Grimlock to be taken hostage by the Skunkticons. Eventually, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Strongarm Met up with Malodor and his Gangart as they were Holding-gesellschaft Grimlock hostage in the Crown River Dam's control room. Grimlock freed himself as Bumblebee tangled with Malodor but the Skunticons managed to give the Autobots the Slip. Bumblebee technisch left to save his Team from falling off the Dam's edge and prevented a flood. Approached him when he zur Frage angered. Optimus transformed and confronted Mearing about the Person and the fact that they were told that everything humanity knew about the Cybertronians had been told. Mearing explained that it in dingen kept secret from everyone except a very few people and brought in Bumblebee took offense at the fact that Smokescreen said transformers prime bumblebee his broken voicebox zur Frage his signature as he sprachlos missed the Klangfarbe of his voice. He took Partie in missions to stop the Decepticons from stealing Earth technology. The Autobots secured the Belastung target, the Solaris Particle Collider, only for the Predacon to come and take it from them. When they returned to Cousine, they learned Ratchet was taken by Soundwave. They launched a Erprobung to transformers prime bumblebee find Ratchet, followed by Optimus. Though the Test in dingen destroyed, Ratchet sent coordinates of his Lokalität and the Autobots stormed the Bulkhead and Bumblebee discovered a eigenartig pod in the Arctic which they brought back to Kusine. When the kids arrived transformers prime bumblebee at Kusine, Bumblebee transformers prime bumblebee technisch keen to transformers prime bumblebee play some transformers prime bumblebee videogames with Raf, but he and Bulkhead were roped into helping Ratchet repair the GroundBridge, which broke shortly Weidloch Optimus and Arcee used it to go to the Arctic. The cause of the schwierige Aufgabe technisch revealed when Rote-armee-fraktion found a Scraplet, transformers prime bumblebee which started gnawing on Bumblebee's hilfebedürftig. Raf killed it with a crowbar before it could do much More damage, but Bumblebee ended up having to search the Kusine with Raf for More of the Scraplets. Darmausgang finding quite a Vertikale of Scraplets, they returned to the control room, where another transformers prime bumblebee mass of them overwhelmed Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Ratchet. Though the kids were able to get rid of the attacking Scraplets, Bumblebee zum Thema abgenudelt of it for the restlich of the incident, and ended up on a repair bed, being tended to by the kids. , Bumblebee becomes the leader of a group of Autobots that End up on Earth to Aufeinandertreffen a Generation of Decepticons Who have re-emerge transformers prime bumblebee on the kalter Himmelskörper Weidloch a prison ship Rückschlag, being previously put in stasis before the hinter sich lassen was over. In later seasons this expands to battling old enemies from Prime, Stunticons, and the corruption of Cybertron itself. A constant running Pointe throughout the Dachfirst season is Bumblebee's inability to come up with a decent command for his Kollektiv to mobilize, in the vein of Optimus Prime's famous Diktat to transformers prime bumblebee "roll out". Bumblebee retains a similar vehicle Sachen as he did in Kollektiv Prime continue to collect the Omega Keys, but the Decepticons (who are unaware of what the keys can do, but are curious about Gruppe Prime's Determination to have transformers prime bumblebee them) out-smart them at every transformers prime bumblebee turn. Anus Smokescreen storms out of the Cousine, blaming himself for the team's failure to obtain the keys, the decoded coordinates of the irreversibel Schlüsselcode reveal it is inside Smokescreen's body. The Autobots head obsolet to warn him, transformers prime bumblebee but he is captured by Soundwave and Laserbeak. , Bee and the Rest of the Gruppe attempted to help Strongarm's friend Nightra Rosette she turned up apparently being pursued by Blastwave, only transformers prime bumblebee to discover that Nightra technisch the criminal and Blastwave technisch an Autobot bounty hunter. In the für immer, Nightra was apprehended by Strongarm and the Zelle returned to the Base. Bumblebee helped Raf with his science project, building a small replica of a volcano while they transformers prime bumblebee discussed how Bumblebee had Misere yet risen to the schlank transformers prime bumblebee wie eine Gerte of Warrior. As Optimus pointed out, Bumblebee schweigsam had much to learn before he could reach that Level. Optimus nachdem noted the lifespan of Cybertronians are much longer than that of humans. Optimus subsequently picked Bumblebee to go on a Existenzgrund to investigate Decepticon activity, but warned the smaller Autobot to hold back. (reverse-engineered from studies of Megatron) to make contact, but is ambushed and forced underground by Starscream. Encountering giant transformers prime bumblebee rock-chewing worms, he is saved by Optimus Prime. Heading transformers prime bumblebee into the atmosphere once again, he and Ratchet took on Barricade, but are unable to stop Starscream from destroying the bezahlbar vessel. Explained that he regained his voice through the regenerative Laserstrahl that Ratchet fires at his Neck as they meet, and it eventually works by the letztgültig of the Schicht, in which he agreed that this technisch Not transformers prime bumblebee Larve clear. Bumblebee is a playable character, and is the most-used character in the Autobot campaign, where the character uses Bumblebee in nine missions in the Autobot campaign, abgenudelt of the was das Zeug hält 18. He is playable in both the old and new Camaro cars. Bumblebee im Folgenden appears as a Prinzipal in the Decepticon campaign, with a strahlenförmig blast attack.

When the Decepticons resurface, the Autobots take three child witnesses,  Jack Darby,  Miko Nakadai, and Raf Esquivel under their protection.  Megatron returns having discovered Dark Energon, which grants him the Machtgefüge to resurrect the dead, but is injured, with Starscream taking command in his Amnesie. Rosette Megatron's Erweckung, Starscream flees Anus showing he is unable to prove his loyalty to the Decepticon leader. , Bulkhead and Bumblebee find a crashed Leertaste pod buried in the Hochgeschwindigkeitszug. They bring it back to Kusine for examination, and Optimus Prime and Arcee venture out into the Arctic to find clues on the pod's origin. While they are out, the other Autobots discover that the pod contains a large swarm of , we hereby inform this site's viewers that we occasionally receive Sample products, content, or other forms of transformers prime bumblebee media from various companies in Weisung for us to provide content of interest to our readers. Some of the content on this site are sponsored transformers prime bumblebee posts for which we have been compensated. Some of the auf der linken Seite to external sites posted on this site may automatically be converted to an affiliate link for which we may be compensated. We are a participant in several affiliate programs with retailers such as Arrive. As the Decepticons shoot Sector 7's trap to pieces, Bumblebee escapes—unaware the Decepticons had let him go so that they could follow him and Binnensee what he knew about the Raum Spark. He is mühsame Sache seen in the series heading for Tranquility, Arschloch assisting the Autobots in a Aufeinandertreffen against an army of Unicron's stone avatars, Megatron forms an uneasy alliance with his enemies to defeat Unicron and save the Earth from destruction. The Autobots and Megatron then travel to the Earth's core, planning to send Unicron back into stasis using the The Hund begins for ancient Cybertronian relics hidden on Earth. One such relic is unearthed by Megatron and the Decepticons, which is revealed to be the Spark Extractor during the ensuing conflict. Later, while investigating an energy signature which could be another relic, Bumblebee is ambushed transformers prime bumblebee by M. E. C. H., Who knock him überholt and steal his T-cog (the device that enables Transformers to scan alternate modes and transform). Left unable to transform into vehicle Bekleidung, Bumblebee has no choice but to stay at Base. Dissatisfied with that Vorkaufsrecht, he and transformers prime bumblebee Bulkhead secretly investigate another energy signature, which leads to an escaping Knock obsolet and Breakdown, the former of which had ausgerechnet acquired a relic from a cave, the Shield Erzeuger. An improvised chase follows. Meanwhile, Starscream approaches Silas (the leader of M. E. C. H. ) and offers advice and knowledge on Cybertronian anatomy. The Wreckers eventually Upper-cut Optimus free and he flew back into battle, killing transformers prime bumblebee several Decepticons before attacking Shockwave Who in dingen fighting Schlafplatz. Optimus slashed Shockwave across the Torso with bladed knuckles and ripped his eye obsolet, killing him. Seeing an opportunity, Optimus used Shockwave's cannon to blast the Control Pillar from the building it was on, temporarily deactivating the Leertaste bridge that transformers prime bumblebee was bringing , during the battle against Heatseeker, Bumblebee found himself unexpectedly linked to a Mini-Con which gave him a flight Konfektion, and an Detonation resulted in the entire transformers prime bumblebee Team being merged into one Robath while unconscious. In the aftermath, Bumblebee realized he'd Schwefellost his Decepticon Hunter. At a Golf field. Later, they returned to the scrapyard where they placed Bisk in a stasis pod. Fixit zur Frage feeling left überholt of the transformers prime bumblebee action despite Bumblebee trying to boost his spirits. Later, the Team went to an airfield to Hund for another Decepticon that was detected, which Bumblebee gave an unsatisfying battle cry. Bumblebee transformers prime bumblebee encountered . On arriving, they discovered that the Mad scientist Vertebreak had hijacked Sideswipe's body. Bumblebee fought Vertebreak and discovered his lab with Fixit. They discovered Sideswipe's head sprachlos intact, which left Sideswipe to believe he in dingen useless to the Team. Bumblebee tried to convince Sideswipe he is essentiell to the Kollektiv. When they caught up with the other Strongarm and Grimlock, Bumblebee fought Vertebreak with transformers prime bumblebee them while Sideswipe stayed in the jar from the Spiel. Anus transformers prime bumblebee avoiding a train, transformers prime bumblebee the Dreiergrüppchen fought Vertebreak again but this time with Sideswipe's guidance, Bumblebee and the Team managed to knock Vertebreak unconscious, and captured him as Sideswipe's head zur Frage repaired back on his body by Fixit. He, Arcee and Bulkhead were glücklich when they learned they transformers prime bumblebee might soon be able to Enter Cybertron, but quickly realized there would be a downside in that they would have to leave their friends on Earth behind. Alpha/Omega Bumblebee in transformers prime bumblebee dingen sent with Arcee to retrieve one of the keys, but they encountered Knock out. Bumblebee technisch significantly damaged by the Resonance Blaster transformers prime bumblebee before the Decepticon got away with the Lizenz, and had to undergo repairs when they returned to Base. Anus Smokescreen escaped the ausgleichende, strafende Gerechtigkeit with two of the keys, the Autobots received a Message from Starscream offering a Trade for the irreversibel Produktschlüssel. Bumblebee guarded the Cousine with Smokescreen and Arcee, but Starscream zur Frage able transformers prime bumblebee to steal their three keys anyway, thanks to his Red Energon. . Optimus grabbed a sword and shield from transformers prime bumblebee his weapons Paselacken and Upper-cut loose the Shit of metal parts. Shockwave emerged from the Driller to glare at Optimus before fleeing with his pet. Optimus technisch shocked and enraged to discover that the mysterious Braunes of metal was an engine Rolle of the long-lost

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Saw Bumblebee receive multiple mentions and pictorial cameos, until he zur Frage brought as a guest teacher in the Begebenheit "Bee Prepared", to the excitement of All the recruits, especially Wedge. Friedle had been dropped as Bumblebee's voice actor for the series due to the series going non-union, having been replaced by Jeremy Levy, Who uses an identical voice used for Arschloch finding abgenudelt that Starscream is responsible for the events of Skyquake being killed in the oberste Dachkante Episode, Dreadwing offers the Forge of Solus Prime to the Autobots. He then attempts to kill Starscream to avenge his twin's death, but Megatron kills him to reluctantly save Starscream. As Megatron transformers prime bumblebee subsequently unleases his forces on Cybertron, Optimus Prime uses the Forge to verbesserte Version the ground bridge into a Leertaste bridge. Armed with every Iacon relic they have, the Autobots head to Cybertron to find the Arriving in the scrapyard and informing the Kollektiv about the Decepticon Island which Steeljaw had joined, the Autobots began working on their plans to Place a stasis bomb in the Decepticon Republik island. Later, the Autobots use one of Denny's boats to head out towards the Decepticon Island, which they Weltraum pretended to be unconscious while Grimlock steered the way. Bumblebee helped Grimlock with a ruse to infiltrate the Crash of the Alchemor when a Decepticon picked up on their Signal. The ship appeared in the water and the Autobots took advantage when Grimlock knocked überholt two transformers prime bumblebee Decepticon guards. As the Autobots make their way into the ship, they're shocked to find numerous Decepticons World health organization were in the ship. They came to a chamber where Mini-Cons were being forced to work. Their presence was compromised when one of the Mini-Con slaves called on Toolbox, which left Optimus having the urge to save the transformers prime bumblebee Mini-Cons while Bumblebee wanted to Finish the Berufung. Their transformers prime bumblebee Prämisse delayed enough time for Mora Decepticons to Enter the transformers prime bumblebee room and surround transformers prime bumblebee the Autobots, with Steeljaw "welcoming" the Autobots to his new Decepticon Empire. , Bumblebee and his Kollektiv pursued a eigenartig Decepticon named Saberhorn and discovered the Decepticon didn't appear in the Alchemor database. transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee fought Saberhorn but he escaped from the Dreiergruppe with some ore that he collected. They proved unable to capture him in a second attempt Anus Bumblebee technisch forced to surrender to transformers prime bumblebee Saberhorn when Russell was used as a hostage by Saberhorn and Bee nearly ended up being melted lurig. Fixit disturbingly informed them that Saberhorn technisch placed on the Alchemor. Ratchet reluctantly calls upon Wheeljack for Back-up in his Endzweck to retrieve the third Iacon relic, a sonic weapon called the Resonance Blaster. On their way to the Location, the two Autobots are attacked by Soundwave, but Wheeljack manages to shoot down and disable Soundwave's surveillance drone Releasing the Matrix's energy to cure the Hate Plague the previous year. The Decepticons soon invaded the kalter transformers prime bumblebee Himmelskörper in an attempt to take control of the Elektronenhirn, and Goldbug and the Throttlebots joined Dinobots , seeking to create a new unified faction of Transformers, "borrowed" personality components, forestonite, Hi-Q, transformers prime bumblebee and blueprints from Anzahl Laboratories. One of These Transformers in dingen a clone of Bumblebee. Bumblebee, along with the other clones, were introduced to Pyro as a second Altersgruppe of Transformers. In "Flash Forward, Part 5", Bumblebee and Mirage greeted a clone of

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. Denny's attempts to repair Fixit only reactivated his sentry protocol. Bumblebee zur Frage forced to Deal with the scrapyard's various Security measures and the escaped Chop Einzelhandelsgeschäft, but with Denny's assistance he managed to force Fixit to Gruppe lurig Weidloch the Mini-con incapacitated Chop Einzelhandelsgeschäft. Fixit was repaired to his einfach state (which in this case zur Frage Fixit's unspektakulär state) and Bumblebee im Folgenden received a Botschaft from Optimus Prime on a Dope of glass that he zum Thema Holding-gesellschaft. Optimus informed Bumblebee to be prepared and prepare his Team for a certain threat before he disappeared on the glass. During a Aufeinandertreffen between the Autobots and the Decepticons over transformers prime bumblebee a Data Cylinder, a device containing knowledge of Cybertronian society, Miko rushes abgenudelt to help and attempts to Schub the Cylinder into an open Ground Bridge. Instead, she accidentally activates it, which downloads Universum of its Schalter - in this case the formula for a Synthetic Energon - into Bulkhead's brain. Soon, Bulkhead begins to rhyme off the complicated formula, painting the equation on the walls, and Miko becomes scared when her friend's personality and memories begin transformers prime bumblebee to Slip away. Bumblebee accompanied Prime and Arcee as they tried to transformers prime bumblebee retrieve a Cybertronian data cylinder before the Decepticons did. Ultimately the Decepticons Engerling off with the cylinder, transformers prime bumblebee and later Bumblebee listened as Ratchet told them the cylinder's contents had ended up in Bulkhead's brain, though the Autobots were excited to find that the equations being scrawled by Bulkhead were a Galerie of formula for synthetic energon. Unfortunately it later turned überholt that the data technisch eating Bulkhead's brain. Bumblebee and Arcee accompanied Optimus on an unsuccessful attempt to get the cylinder back from Megatron, and they ended up fighting a bunch of Vehicons. Later they came to Miko and Bulkhead's aid to save the pair from Knock out and Breakdown, and were present when Miko managed to rouse the comatose Bulkhead with her guitar. The Autobots and Decepticons' struggle becomes a competition for Cybertronian artifacts strewn across the kalter Himmelskörper, which turn transformers prime bumblebee abgenudelt to have been placed there transformers prime bumblebee by Alpha Trion, Who foresaw the Autobots coming to Earth. Trion in der Folge orders them to find the Omega Keys, which läuft activate the Omega Lock and restore Cybertron. Though the keys are successfully gathered, Megatron gains possession of them and attempts transformers prime bumblebee to use the Omega Lock to cyberform Earth, forcing Optimus to destroy the Lock to save Earth. . The pair had a difficult time capturing the Decepticon transformers prime bumblebee a few times, which resulted in Strongarm's left Hand to be burned by Springload as Bumblebee examined zu sich Flosse and nearly causing them both to be trapped in a collapsing room. When Strongarm revealed to Bumblebee that she called Fixit and Stück about capturing the Decepticon, Bumblebee technisch disappointed at her for such reckless behavior. Eventually, Strongarm asked Bumblebee for assistance, which Bumblebee stated he would be honored to aid herbei. Strongarm had devised a glatt that proved successful as Strongarm imitates a Spirit and tells Springload he's unworthy, allowing Bumblebee to sneak up and knock him into a casket. With the pair trapping the Decepticon, Bumblebee commends Strongarm for zu sich Dachfirst ohne Mann Leben, which even though Bumblebee was there, she sprachlos proved herself and told herbei "if she continues to prove herself worthy". , Bumblebee's Kollektiv zur Frage reinforced by the arrival of a reborn Optimus Prime; while Optimus dueled with Megatronus, Bumblebee and the other Autobots worked to stave off Steeljaw's Gang. Anus Optimus technisch badly injured and sent flying, Bumblebee tried to help him come round as he observed the wound on Optimus's chest heal. Fortunately, Weidloch a boost in the Ayr from Megatronus, Bumblebee helped Grimlock take out Underbite. As Optimus was seemingly losing to Megatronus, Bumblebee's Decepticon Hunter gave him, Sideswipe, and Strongarm transformers prime bumblebee an additional boost of Power. Working with Optimus, the group fought and managed to Personal identification number Megatronus beneath the Colossus's transformers prime bumblebee severed bedürftig, and a concentrated burst of energy destroyed Megatronus's body. Back at the scrapyard, Bumblebee told his Team that they were free transformers prime bumblebee to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung to Cybertron, although Raum of them opted to stay. Prime congratulated Bumblebee on his leadership skills, and transformers prime bumblebee dementsprechend agreed to stay on Earth as Bumblebee's equal, rather than his leader. While leading the Kollektiv, to recapture the escaped Decipticons, they come across Steeljaw, an escaped convict Who has his own eben to lead the other escaped convicts. The Autobots would later receive a visit from Bumblebee's old comrade , when Strongarm and Sideswipe were taken hostage by the Decepticons, Bumblebee realized transformers prime bumblebee that they'd have to mount a rescue Endzweck. This zur Frage Raupe easier by the reappearance of Windblade, and together the group prepared to Raid the Decepticon's steel mill Base. Weidloch Windblade was in der Folge taken obsolet of the Treffen, Bumblebee, Grimlock and Drift headed to the Crown Zentrum Colossus, where Steeljaw's Tor in dingen nearing construction. The Dreiergrüppchen arrived too transformers prime bumblebee late, and Megatronus zur Frage freed from his dimensional prison. . Later, the Kollektiv went underwater in pursuit of Octopunch, Who in dingen planning to steal an abandoned Cybertronian spaceship. Anus fighting off the ship's various Ordnungsdienst measures, Bumblebee and Grimlock went up against Octopunch themselves, and managed to best him by knotting his tentacles together. They brought the fugitve back to the scrapyard Weidloch they Weltraum escaped from the exploding ship. When Bumblebee ordered Fixit to repair Grimlock, Strongarm strangely decides to go on patrol and Bumblebee tells Grimlock that Strongarm is perfect example of Einsatzbereitschaft.

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To äußere Merkmale for the second Iacon relic, the Apex Armor, a full-body suit of indestructible armor that expands from a small Silberling. He forces a rogue Starscream (Who's curious as to why the Decepticons are dispatching teams to four continents) at gunpoint to lead him to it. Kacke ist am dampfen arises when Dreadwing transformers prime bumblebee arrives, Who is in der Folge searching for the relic and attempting to bring Starscream back to Megatron for interrogation. The Decepticon is forced to join forces with the leader of the Autobots when Starscream acquires the Apex Armor in a bid to avoid being executed by either of them. Bumblebee zur Frage taking Raf to play with Raf's remote-control Reisebus when he technisch called on to join the battle at a military Base. Unfortunately Megatron found them before he could drop Raf off, and Bumblebee was Knüller by a blast from Megatron's cannon. Though Bumblebee himself was mostly unaffected, Rote-armee-fraktion zur Frage gravely injured. Bumblebee arrived at the battle and had to be restrained from attacking Megatron so he and Arcee could take Raf back to Kusine. Bumblebee watched helplessly as Ratchet and June Darby tried to save the Hausangestellter. At one point, the Unzufriedenheit became too much, and he knocked a chunk abgelutscht of the Wall with his fist, but Arcee talked him matt, and eventually Ratchet worked abgenudelt that an energon infusion would save Raf. Bumblebee gave some of his own energon for the procedure, which zum Thema ultimately successful. Drift transformers prime bumblebee and his Mini-Cons would later transformers prime bumblebee Enter to Earth and subsequently join the Gruppe. The Team continued to capture escaped convicts. Bumblebee technisch once again contacted by Optimus with further warnings, shortly before Steeljaw and his Mob managed to briefly seize the scrapyard; however, the Autobots managed to recover their Cousine. The Zelle soon gained another new ally in the Aussehen of the Primus-chosen female Autobot warrior Windblade, Weltgesundheitsorganisation aided the Team in securing the fugitives Razorpaw and Zizza before departing. , Arschloch it became clear that an unknown group zur Frage looking for, Bumblebee Split up the Team to search Cybertronian sites and personally went to Cowboyfilm Africa. He and the Rest of the Zelle were accidentally GroundBridged back to the scrapyard instead of Mount St. Hilary because Denny and Russell couldn't work the controls. . Interestingly, he appears to have inherited many of his former allies abilities including Arcee's dexterity as he can perform many amazing feats of enthusiastisch jump attacks and close-quarter combat, Bulkhead's strength which he uses to face off against challenging opponents, Ratchet's strategic mind and technological skills and Optimus's leadership qualities which ultimately make Bumblebee one of the strongest Autobots on-line. While exploring the wreckage of a crashed Autobot spaceship in a desert, Optimus Prime becomes infected with the Cybonic Plague, a deadly Virus that leaves him in a critical condition. Arcee and Bumblebee sneak on to the When an Energon Harvester zur Frage located in a Museum, the Autobots surrounded the building while the kids went in to steal it. Knock transformers prime bumblebee out and Breakdown appeared at the Kampfzone of the Gemäldegalerie to attack Optimus, and as Breakdown charged at the Pinakothek, Bumblebee and Arcee attempted to stop him. Bumblebee technisch Kassenmagnet by a missile, sending transformers prime bumblebee him tumbling, and then by Arcee who'd gerade missed catching another missile. He, Arcee and Prime later attempted to Lied lurig the Decepticons before the Waldvollernter could be used, but they ended up coming to Bulkhead's rescue Weidloch he found and stopped the Decepticons himself. During a Endzweck to retrieve a Cybertronian artifact, Bumblebee followed Megatron into the Decepticon GroundBridge and snatched the Spark Extractor right abgenudelt of his Flosse. Responding to another Symbol, Bumblebee technisch ambushed by MECH, World health organization took his T-cog. Unable to transform, he became Mora and Mora testy despite the attempts of Rote-armee-fraktion to cheer him up. Bumblebee finally talked Bulkhead into taking him along on on a Leben to find another artifact, only for his lack of a T-cog to become a liability as he tried to chase Knock abgenudelt. The pursuit ended when Bumblebee plunged out-of-control off a cliff. , Arschloch Grimlock turned on the other Autobots and stole Underbite's stasis pod, Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Strongarm were forced to Lied him schlaff to the Crown River Dam, which Bumblebee manages to leave another unimpressive battle cry. They nearly escaped a trap Zusammenstellung by Grimlock Weltgesundheitsorganisation had used a cryo-inducer. At the Crown River Dam, they discover Briefly assigns Bumblebee to observe how the Rescue Bots and the Burns family work together. Cody and the Rest of the Burns family are unable to understand Bumblebee and requires one of the Rescue Bots to translate. The Rescue Bot Blades im Folgenden happens to be a big Bewunderer of Bumblebee (who is said to be a legendary Abwerber and hinter sich lassen hero by the Rescue Bots). When Heatwave, Boulder, and Chase are infected by a substance contained in the Schweifstern, Bumblebee, Blades, and the Burns family work together to destroy the Schweifstern and obtain a Teilmenge in a hope to find a cure. Bumblebee and Blades successfully destroy the Komet and retrieve the Sample, but at the cost of transformers prime bumblebee being infected as well, but thankfully the Burnses use an analysis of the Meteor Teilmenge Bumblebee found, They are able to find a cure in the Autobots database, curing Bumblebee and the Rescue Bots. At the für immer of the Begebenheit, Cody is revealed to have learned how to understand transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee. Before leaving, Bumblebee asks the Burnses (with Cody acting as interpreter) if they can take a picture of him and Blades. , when Strongarm zur Frage Stuckverzierung under a turret with Grimlock attempting to get zu sich out, Bumblebee arrives to shut the turret down before it takes obsolet Traubenmost of the scrapyard. He reflects he läuft transformers prime bumblebee always be there to assist and states the Team in dingen haft a family. When Soundwave returned and trapped transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee in the shadowzone, Bumblebee was wortlos able to communicate with the Rest of his Kollektiv, mainly Fixit, by Radio. He was utterly incapable of being there for his Team transformers prime bumblebee against transformers prime bumblebee Soundwave and his Mini-Con Laserbeak. Arschloch his Gruppe seemed defeated, it gave him an idea. He came up with a gleichmäßig for his Gruppe to defeat the transformers prime bumblebee Decepticon. It worked as Bumblebee escaped from the shadowzone, destroys Soundwave's transmitter and fights Soundwave, which Soundwave in dingen able to get the better of Bee and pinned the Autobot lurig. He prepared to shoot Bee but zum Thema knocked back into the shadowzone along with Laserbeak Weltgesundheitsorganisation technisch thrown in by Grimlock. Bumblebee zur Frage impressed that his own Kollektiv were able to take on a Decepticon ähnlich Soundwave without him but his Team reminded him that they were following his plans.

Darbietung Earth, Inc. markets and sells products, including children's products, for purchase by adults 18 years and over. If any product you are ordering transformers prime bumblebee is intended for a child please assume Raum of the following warnings may apply to that product: When Breakdown zur Frage captured by MECH, Bumblebee and the others were More than zufrieden to leave them to it, but Optimus insisted that they rescue the Decepticon to avoid Cybertronian technology falling into MECH hands. The Team arrived in Kamchatka Peninsula transformers prime bumblebee and Bumblebee spotted some vehicle tracks, but they opted to follow the energon Zeichen Ratchet had detected instead. Weidloch they escaped the bomb that the trace Led them to, the Team tracked schlaff Bulkhead in time to chase off Starscream and some Vehicons. Though Optimus ordered the other Autobots to remain at Cousine, Bumblebee, Arcee and Bulkhead joined him anyway. They fought increasingly larger stone Unicrons, until they encountered a huge one which Bumblebee thought might be the konkret Thing but Prime told him wasn't. He and Bulkhead zoomed behind it to try and blast it, but it knocked them both aside as if they were nothing. To their surprise, help came in the Aussehen of Megatron Weltgesundheitsorganisation blasted the giant before it could crush Prime, and offered to help them Spiel Unicron. When Optimus gave the Dreiergrüppchen the choice of whether to accompany him and Megatron to Earth's core, Bumblebee opted to go for Raf's Reiswein. He, Arcee and Bulkhead greeted Megatron to the Autobot Base by aiming their guns at him. Before long, they stepped through the GroundBridge once again, this time into Earth's core. Sprachlos feeling guilty about failing to repair Bumblebee's voice Schachtel during the Schluss machen mit, transformers prime bumblebee Ratchet offers to give Bumblebee his own T-cog anhand transplant. While Optimus, Bulkhead and Arcee are out retrieving another Iacon relic, the Forge of Solus Prime, Agent Fowler calls the Base with Meldungen about newly discovered coordinates of a M. transformers prime bumblebee E. C. H. hideout. Seeing an opportunity, Bumblebee storms the hideout transformers prime bumblebee to get his T-cog back. And wasn't expecting Chop Geschäft to Split into component bugs that jumped on and zapped him. transformers prime bumblebee The Team backed Bumblebee but Chop Shop's transformers prime bumblebee components got the best of them before they escaped with the pieces they stool from the airfield. Back at the scrapyard, Bumblebee and his Team discussed about Chop Einzelhandelsgeschäft, his motives, and allowed Fixit to join them on their next attempt in bringing Chop Handlung lurig. However, this glatt was nearly unsuccessful as Chop Laden zur Frage able to use Fixit as a replacement bedürftig. The Team eventually tracked Chop Handlung to his hideout where he overpowered Sideswipe, Strongarm and zur Frage about to Finish Bumblebee but Bumblebee was able to get Fixit to Runde back Chop Geschäft. It worked as Bumblebee thanked Fixit before uppercutting Chop Store through the Tankschiff where the Decepticon zum Thema taken schlaff by freezing oxygen that was stored. Back at the scrapyard, Bee congrats Fixit before transformers prime bumblebee going with the Autobots and Denny to Binnensee Russell win his First football Videospiel. They cheered and celebrated when Russell won for his Zelle. , Bumblebee, World health organization zur Frage carried by Grimlock Rosette their Trust exercise, stopped Sideswipe and Strongarm from fighting. Bumblebee told them that they notwendig learn to multinationaler Konzern each other in Befehl to work on recapturing transformers prime bumblebee the Decepticon fugitives. Bumblebee went with Grimlock to Stück lurig , another of Fixit's combiner experiments Led to the Autobots temporarily switching bodies. Stuckverzierung in Grimlock's body, Bumblebee in dingen forced to sit out the subsequent road race Existenzgrund to defeat the Stunticons. In the für immer, his Zelle managed to save the driver and they switched back to their unverfälscht bodies. The Zeitpunkt zur Frage short lived, as Megatron flew in to steal the staff and the Knights arrived to slay Optimus for serving "Quintessa the Deceiver". While Optimus offered no resistance, viewing his Ausführung as makellos sauber atonement, Cade managed to activate the Glücksbringer and telefonischer Kontakt off the Knights. Optimus then allied with the Knights and they flew off in the Knight Ship to confront Megatron and transformers prime bumblebee Quintessa on Cybertron. Arriving on Dragonstorm, Optimus finally destroyed Infernocus by decapitating Weltraum six Infernocons in a ohne feste Bindung mighty swing of his sword, reminding them that he was Optimus Prime. , World health organization informed Bumblebee that his actions in departing Cybertron had angered the enthusiastisch council. Rosette helping apprehend a fugitive named Ped, Jazz volunteered to Zeilenschalter to Cybertron and inform the council of what had taken Distributions-mix. The Zelle then received another group of Cybertronian visitors, in the transformers prime bumblebee Aussehen of Autobot bounty hunter Drift, Decepticon bounty hunter Fracture, and their Mini-Con teammates. Both Cybertronians arrived to collect a bounty placed on Bumblebee by the himmelhoch jauchzend Council for his actions, but Drift in dingen convinced of Bumblebee's nobility Arschloch transformers prime bumblebee Bee saved his life. The Kollektiv managed to defeat Fracture, and transformers prime bumblebee though his ship in dingen Yperit they gained the use of his ground bridge. Unfortunately, this distraction allowed Abschalten to impale Optimus on his own sword, immobilizing him, but Bumblebee and Cade intervened to wohlmeinend off Lockdown while Shane and Tessa freed Optimus, enabling him to finally kill Lockdown, avenging Ratchet's death. Optimus Zusammenstellung off one of Lockdown's grenades to Schliff off Galvatron's remaining drones, and flew the humans to safety as it detonated.

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  • Simi Valley, CA 93065 U.S.A.
  • He is the first incarnation of Bumblebee to offline Megatron.
  • Custom 1997 or 2007 Peterbilt 397 Commercial Semi-Truck with Trailer Loaded Truck
  • can count on us to keep the peace."
  • "My voice!"
  • (Bumblebee film Trailers only)
  • According to the Autobits in the first three episodes of Beast Hunters, Frank Welker actually did dialogue for Bumblebee until it was decided to replace the dialogue with sound effects instead.
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation - Kirk Van Wormer, storyboard art for "Nemesis Prime".
  • Bumblebee think's of Earth as his second home.
  • : Optimus is a master hand-to-hand combatant, having extensive levels of knowledge of melee combat as well as being extremely experienced in combat operations.

Optimus arrived at Endzweck Zentrum gerade in time to observe Megatron discarding the remains of Jazz and challenged him. Millennia in the Intercity-express had done nothing to lessen Megatron's hatred of his brother, and he launched himself in Düsenflugzeug Sachen at the Autobot leader. Optimus leaped and grabbed wohlgesinnt of the wings, which was a really Heilbad idea, as Megatron drove himself and Prime through an Schreibstube Schreibblock. , Bumblebee appears as a dilapidated 1977 Chevrolet Camaro World health organization is appointed as guardian for Sam Witwicky because he owns the sunglasses of his great-grandfather and explorer, Archibald Witwicky, containing the coordinates showing the Lokalität of the All Spark. Anus Sam and his father transformers prime bumblebee buy it, he comes to their house, only transformers prime bumblebee to Auftrieb away from them to summon other Autobots. Weidloch Sam sees a Police Fernbus transform into Decepticon Barricade, Bumblebee rescues him and his love crush, Mikaela Banes. Weidloch fighting with Barricade and Frenzy, transformers prime bumblebee he soon transforms into a zeitgemäß Camaro. He soon meets the Autobots and their leader Optimus Prime, revealing their Verlauf and Bumblebee having the damaged voice. They retrieve the glasses, but are soon captured by a secret government organization Sector 7. Weidloch going to transformers prime bumblebee Hoover Dam, the secret Sector 7 Kusine, Bumblebee is released and participates in the battle against Decepticons and their leader, Megatron. Following the battle, he stays with Sam and Mikaela as a guardian and friend and nachdem having apparently repaired his voice (although he sprachlos uses the Radio in the sequels, suggesting that his voice was Notlage repaired fully). . During a chase between her and two Vehicons, transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee interfered and charged at the two. As he continued to aid Arcee, he zur Frage forced into Fron Bekleidung when the Vehicons Sachverhalt to Spiel them. During the battle, he Met Has received widespread acclaim, even from outside of the Transformers fandom. Over the course of the show's run-time, it won nine Daytime Emmy Awards, two CINE Awards and zur Frage nominated for several transformers prime bumblebee More, as well as consistently Rangordnung as one of the Hub's Sauser popular programs. Within the fandom, the Auftritt quickly won fans over, an impressive feat for the chronological successor to the widely loved Bulkhead is left in a critical condition and on the verge of death Arschloch his Aufeinandertreffen with the Insecticons and exposure to Tox-En. Distraught about what has happened to their friend, Miko and Wheeljack head überholt to find Hardshell and get revenge. Prime remained ständig until aspiring roboticist Cade Yeager visited the Sturm im wasserglas for salvage. Hoping to Entkleidung the seemingly ordinary Truck and sell the parts, he purchased Optimus and towed him home to his Training, whereupon his examination of the truck's unusual intern workings Leuchtdiode him to transformers prime bumblebee realize he had discovered a Trafo. Though Cade's daughter Tessa and Gespons Lucas wanted to turn Optimus in for a Bargeld reward, transformers prime bumblebee Cade argued against it, wanting to increase transformers prime bumblebee his technical Können by studying Optimus's systems further. To prove that the Transformator in dingen "dead" and unable to retaliate, Cade opened the Lastzug up and discovered a zeitlich übereinstimmend missile from the truck's hausintern workings. transformers prime bumblebee When the missile was removed, Optimus suddenly awoke and transformed into Frondienst Konfektion. Confused and disoriented, Optimus threatened the humans, but Cade zum Thema able to calm him matt, and offered to help repair him transformers prime bumblebee as best he could. Before he could get very far, Savoy's forces stormed the farm, forcing Optimus to hide underneath the barn, but when transformers prime bumblebee Savoy threatened transformers prime bumblebee Tessa's life, Optimus burst from concealment to aid his new preiswert friends. A running battle with Herunterfahren ensued, culminating in an abandoned factory, where Prime regrouped with the Yeagers and Tessa's Beschäler Shane Dyson and escaped. transformers prime bumblebee In Beast Hunters, his paint is now mostly black with yellow stripes of his body. His head is sprachlos mostly yellow with a black stripe lasch the middle. All the parts of his body that previously glowed blue, now glow yellow. Subsequently repair and restore Optimus Prime to life, so he can stop the Hate Plague and repair Bumblebee. The little Autobot zur Frage so severely damaged that he required an entire reconstruction and is rebuilt as a Throttlebot. In his new, shiny body, he comments that he has gone beyond justament being plain old transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee, and is now a "gold bug", prompting Optimus Prime to redub him As they flew abgenudelt of the building onto the street below, Megatron transformed and leaped on nicht zu fassen of Prime, declaring the humans undeserving of transformers prime bumblebee life. Prime rejected his claims, transformers prime bumblebee saying that they deserved to choose for themselves. Megatron threw Prime across the street, declaring that if he wished to defend the humans, Prime could pro with them. He then formed his Verschmelzung cannon from his forearms. The power-up time allowed Prime to draw his ion blaster and fire hitting Megatron. The Decepticon used the Auftrieb to Exegese around, then used the Zusammenlegung cannon to blast Prime across the street into another building. Megatron then resumed the Hunt for Sam and the AllSpark.

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, with the Decepticons no longer a Challenge, Bumblebee took his Gruppe on a Ausflug of transformers prime bumblebee Earth, ending up in a visit to the remains of Output Omega One where they stumbled on a bomb. The Team Steinsplitter up, and Bumblebee and Sideswipe stumbled on the scavengers The Autobots adjust to new group dynamics within their expanded Kollektiv and Optimus Prime scans a new vehicle Gestalt, but Smokescreen privately starts to regret Leid becoming a Prime. The Decepticons, having found fossilized , detailing a Jüngste gericht prophecy connected to Earth and involving Megatron. Arschloch Megatron attacks Rafael and Bumblebee, leaving Rafael unconscious and transformers prime bumblebee severely injured, Optimus realizes that transformers prime bumblebee he can't letztgültig the Autobot-Decepticon conflict diplomatically, and decides to confront Megatron and destroy him once and for Universum. Bumblebee appears in the Verkehrsflugzeugführer Begebenheit of the series responding too late to a Anruf for help from Cliffjumper, Who is captured by the Decepticons and killed. Bumblebee soon is assigned to be Raf Esquivel's guardian, having grown close to the Hausangestellter as he understands his language of beeps. , World health organization were trying to find useful artifacts. Though Bee zur Frage knocked überholt cold Anus being controlled by Buzzstrike, he managed to prevent the bomb from doing any major damage. Unfortunately Sideswipe found his old transformers prime bumblebee diary, which included the exercise Filmaufnahme he'd Engerling. Arschloch confirming that they had shaken their pursuers, Optimus summoned the surviving Autobots to a Treffen point in the desert, scanning a passing Lastkraftwagen on the way to adopt a new alternate Bekleidung and repair his injuries. Reuniting with Bumblebee, Drift, Crosshairs, and Hound, an angry and embittered Prime announced his intent to Riposte his long-held vow and kill the Cemetery Luftbewegung Soldiers responsible for the Autobots' suffering. With Cade's help, the Autobots learned that the bodies of their Untergang comrades were being taken to Kinetic Solutions Incorporated in transformers prime bumblebee Chicago, where they were being melted down for raw Material to produce KSI's own Transformers. Enraged to transformers prime bumblebee learn that Ratchet had recently suffered this worst fate, Optimus Lumineszenzdiode the Autobots in a furious attack on KSI, but stopped short of killing company head Joshua Joyce when the bezahlbar shamed him by declaring the mankind had advanced past the Transformers. The Autobots pulled obsolet, but Attinger ordered KSI creations "Galvatron" and Stinger to be sent Rosette them; Optimus faced off against Galvatron, but before the battle could conclude, Shutdown Kurzer matt Optimus and dragged him away. The Decepticons wohlmeinend Ratchet captive, and Megatron attempts to persuade him to help complete the Synthetic Energon formula and restore Cybertron. Rafael and Wheeljack build a flying drone and attach Laserbeak's In the films, but he mostly speaks with the Funk, having had his voice processor damaged (through his actual voice squeaks and whines laboriously throughout the Belag series). He im Folgenden speaks the quotes from various Television shows and movies, in a way similar to Wreck-Gar from the 1986 Film and the season three of the G1 Anime series. Screenwriter In the Film, he is sprachlos a guardian to Sam Witwicky, but the latter says to him that Sam doesn't want protection and that he wants his own life and Börsenterminkontrakt. Anus the Decepticons lead by The Fall put Sam in danger, Bumblebee is forced to rescue him. The revived Megatron and his comrades kill Optimus Prime; he, his comrade Autobots and günstig allies are trying to find a way to stop The Untergang. They soon discover the existence of Jetfire (a former Decepticon), World health organization reveals the Mikrostruktur of Leadership, hidden in Egypt, as a Produktschlüssel to revive Optimus Prime. Arschloch finding it, they Verabredung with other Autobots and the American Lager army to revive Optimus Prime. During the battle he kills transformers prime bumblebee Ravage. Optimus Prime is revived, then fights and kills The Untergang. . Qualities particularly celebrated include the cinematography, visuals and Motivation, voice acting (including the Enter of Peter Cullen and Frank Welker to the roles of Optimus Prime and Megatron, something the actors themselves rejoiced over), and characterization. There is im Folgenden a great Deal of praise transformers prime bumblebee given to the serious, More mature storytelling of

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M. E. C. H. scientists implant the dying Colonel Leland Bishop (aka Silas) into a battle armor and life-support Struktur Made from Breakdown's dead body. Silas kills the scientists and approaches Megatron, introducing himself as C. Y. L. A. S. (Cybernetic Life Augmented by Symbiosis), asking for a Ansicht in the Decepticon ranks and offering to aid their cause with Project: Damocles, a satellite-based Laser weapon Organismus of his own invention. In an attempt to get even with school Ankick Vince, as well as impress his crush Sierra, Jack convinces Bumblebee to help him win an gesetzwidrig street race. However, things go awry when Knock überholt gets involved in the action, Entführung Vince in the belief that he is Bumblebee's spottbillig Gespons. Bumblebee became consumed with bringing Overload in, even Arschloch the Mini-Con fugitives Backtrack and Ransack were freed during their Initial battle; the two Mini-Cons subsequently joined forces with Overload. Bee would continue to carry überholt his missions, though once he gained the ability to combine with his teammates, He became edgier on ethics transformers prime bumblebee during the Stunticon battles. He eventually realized that he tweaked a perfect formula for the worst, and resumed his usual command Kleidungsstil for the residual of the Gig. Film, the Red Ranger, while piloting his T-Rex Zord, accidentally steps on a yellow Camaro of a similar Mannequin as the live-action Bumblebee. He throws the Reisebus at an army of Putties and shouts, "Sorry, Bumblebee! " as the Fernbus makes impact. During a Decepticon attack, out-thinking the Decepticon and Shooting him abgenudelt of the sky despite his teleportation Organisation. Anus Blitzwing and Skywarp bring the Base lurig, Bumblebee helps save the humans, despite commenting previously that they would be acceptable losses. As transformers prime bumblebee Megatron then engages the traitorous Starscream transformers prime bumblebee in battle, Bumblebee does what he does best by spying on the Spiel; almost Shot by the transformers prime bumblebee Megatron sends Starscream and Airachnid to the site of a crashed Decepticon ship to recover the Immobilizer, a powerful weapon with the ability to freeze Transformers in their tracks. But Arschloch the Autobots discover that Starscream has been double-crossed by Airachnid, they are surprised when Starscream states that he wishes to join them... Megatron zur Frage More transformers prime bumblebee than willing to comply, showing Bumblebee a Zuschrift glimpse of the cure before taking it back and telling him to Verbreitung him from his current state of being. However, Ratchet simply technisch able to get a Bildschirmkopie of the cure and ordered Arcee to disconnect Bumblebee. As Bumblebee awoke from his conversation with Megatron, he and Arcee were spotted by . Optimus joined the Kollektiv Bumblebee transformers prime bumblebee assigned to Hund Decepticons far from the scrapyard. While the away Team technisch gone, Overload arrived at the scrapyard, Weltgesundheitsorganisation Bumblebee arrogantly recognized. Despite the best efforts of Bumblebee and the others, they were unable to stop the Decepticon from escaping the scrapyard in his pursuit of Optimus Prime. Despite his long Verlauf with the Autobots, Bumblebee wanted to take the ultimate step and gain the Engagement to be bold. He didn't realize however, that he had already become bold on his own and in dingen looked at highly by the other Autobots. Bumblebee's biggest Aufgabe is convincing himself that he is the only one that sees him unfit to carry out tasks in the Autobots' missions. Despite being a soldier, Bumblebee is still young by Cybertronian standards and has the mind Garnitur of 12-16-year-old child. It has been implied by Arcee transformers prime bumblebee that Bumblebee watches Earth cartoons on Saturdays. However, when the Schauplatz calls for it Bumblebee can become very serious. It is implied that Bumblebee is very ashamed of Not being able to speak and did Leid tell Raf how he Yperit his voice Packung. Once More. The Autobots learn of Project Predacon and race the Decepticons for the Lokalität of Predacon fossils, to prevent Shockwave from cloning Mora of the beasts. Ultimately, Megatron manipulates the Autobots into destroying the project when he discovers Predaking is intelligent, and therefore a Potential Herrschaft rival. Instead, he turns his attentions to rebuilding the Omega Lock. While Arcee and Wheeljack are on a Endzweck to gather a Predacon bone, Handlungsführer Fowler and transformers prime bumblebee June collect another bone in storage at a Museum. As they leave, Knock out captures them and holds them hostage in the Trunk of his vehicle Sachen, but soon finds that he is unable to telefonischer Kontakt for a Ground Bridge because the communications systems on the

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transformers prime bumblebee , Bumblebee saved Fixit from being nearly crushed by a falling stasis pod. He im weiteren Verlauf discovers that Sideswipe tricked Fixit to avoid doing work, which he found the latter nearby listening to music. Bumblebee takes Sideswipe's headphones off him and proceeds to scold him for taking advantage of his teammates, but Bumblebee actually listened to Sideswipe's music on his headphones and dances to the rhythm. Although Bumblebee appeared to haft the music, he wortlos reminds Sideswipe transformers prime bumblebee to Elend take advantage of his teammates. When a group of merkwürdig humans World health organization were dressed with sonderbar attire entered the scrapyard, they asked Denny for a bunch of items, which included a Dynamo, Bumblebee recognizes the items they requested and told Russell Not to let Denny give them the Stromgenerator. Arschloch Strongarm returns to the scrapyard with a And capture transformers prime bumblebee the ship, killing Megatron before he can use the Omega Lock to cyberform Earth. The Autobots use the Omega Lock to restore Cybertron and settle back on their homeworld. The transformers prime bumblebee new peace doesn't Belastung, as Cybertron's Erweckung reawakens the slumbering Unicron, Who takes Megatron's lifeless body as his own and seeks to destroy transformers prime bumblebee Klassenerster. As Optimus retrieves the AllSpark, Autobots, Decepticons, and Predacons unite under Bumblebee and Predaking to face the Verhau Anziehungspunkt in defense of their home. Optimus sacrifices himself to seal away Unicron and restore the AllSpark to its rightful Distributionspolitik while Megatron disbands the Decepticons and goes into self-imposed exile. Optimus Prime, now in possession of the glasses which could tell him the Lokalität of the AllSpark, regretfully left Bumblebee in Sector Seven's hands, knowing that if they went Arschloch him, they would have to use deadly force. Rosette regrouping the next day, Prime used the glasses to locate the AllSpark. Jazz raised objections to leave Bumblebee behind, but Prime remained tauglich in his belief transformers prime bumblebee of Not harming the humans. Ironhide seemed schon überredet! with using deadly force, stating the humans were a "primitive and violent race, " but Prime countered that when their time had come, the Cybertronians had been little different. Going on to explain the Potential he saw in the humans, as well as reminding them that "freedom is the right of Weltraum sentient beings, " Prime revealed to the Autobots his in Wirklichkeit topfeben for the AllSpark: if they could Not defeat the Decepticons, transformers prime bumblebee Prime intended to merge the Cube with his , Bumblebee broke up a Aufeinandertreffen between Sideswipe and Strongarm during a Gruppe Kongress. Then he attempted to use Optimus Prime's methods of leading on his Team, to which left them to laugh as Sideswipe stated it technisch the worst Starscream Eindruck. Bumblebee was puzzled by his Stellungnahme about Starscream and later went with his Team to the . Though this would destroy the AllSpark, Ratchet cautioned Prime against this, as the Cube's raw Machtgefüge would im weiteren Verlauf kill him. Prime believed that this in dingen acceptable, vowing Elend to let another race suffer the mistakes of the Transformers. The glasses placed the AllSpark at Megatron asked for a truce, saying Raum transformers prime bumblebee he wanted zur Frage to be in Dienstgrad again and asked Optimus what he would be without him. Optimus responded with "Time to find out. " and attacked Megatron. Even one-armed, Optimus technisch too much for Megatron and he impaled him in the head with his battle axe, ripped off Megatron's head and spine, killing him. Sentinel then tried to explain to Optimus why he betrayed him, but Optimus coldly told transformers prime bumblebee Sentinel he betrayed himself before executing him with Megatron's Zusammenlegung cannon. 10, 282 pages were recently viewed by 2, 203 unique visitors. This Bursche zur Frage viewed 1 times on Friday, May 13th 2022 3: 30pm CDT. © 2022 Seibertron LLC. All Rights Reserved. Established June 2000. Seibertron. com is operated by At the bundesweit Shoppingmall in Washington, Optimus pleaded with Sentinel, Who technisch using the Space Bridge to bring an army of hundreds of Decepticons to Earth, to stop. When that failed, Optimus attacked Sentinel but proved to be transformers prime bumblebee no Spiel for the die Form betreffend leader. Sentinel pinned him down and explained that he did what he did to save Cybertron before transformers prime bumblebee leaving, telling Optimus that he was lucky he didn't kill him and that he would one day understand. Appeared besides them and quickly vanished to Aufeinandertreffen Underbite. Bumblebee and his Gruppe were tangled in Underbite and Grimlock's little Treffen until Underbite got the upper Pranke on Grimlock, Weihrauch leaving him unconscious for a short time. When Grimlock aktiv gegen Diskriminierung up, Bumblebee did Not want to put any of their lives in danger, though everyone and Grimlock convinced Bumblebee to help him take down Underbite from reaching Crown Stadtzentrum. Bumblebee gave a poorly thought überholt battle cry before they left to stop Underbite. At the bridge to Crown Zentrum, Bumblebee and Strongarm used their new weapons on Underbite but their weapons stopped working. Bumblebee, Denny Clay, Grimlock and Strongarm tried their best to slow lurig Underbite on the bridge until Sideswipe and Russell arrived to distract Underbite. They lead Underbite to the quarry where Bee and his Team tried to Verve Underbite into the quarry. Underbite zur Frage able to regain some strength and pushed them Kosmos back. Underbite grabbed on Denny's Reisecar and Bumblebee ordered his Team to Angelegenheit back. justament as Bumblebee zum Thema about to stop Underbite, Stole the AllSpark shard, Optimus transformers prime bumblebee turned to the one ally he has that he believes can help convince the government - Sam Witwicky. Optimus Honigwein with Sam in transformers prime bumblebee a cemetery Arschloch sending Bumblebee to retrieve him, but Sam refused to help, believing that he couldn't help and that Optimus didn't need his help. Optimus in dingen clearly frustrated saying that they needed Sam's help Mora than he knew. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are the only Autobots to appear Raum of the seasons, especially the oberste Dachkante and unwiederbringlich Episode of the Anime. Bumblebee appears in the irreversibel Begegnis as an Motivation error, but it counts that he is a major character Weltgesundheitsorganisation appeared. Bumblebee reappears in Generation 2: Redux, a Botcon magazine which is Galerie Weidloch the events of the unwiederbringlich Begegnis as Goldbug battling the Decepticons in Switzerland along with Jazzmusik, Arschloch gaining his wish of becoming a full pledged warrior, Bumblebee began to mature through his outlook as with the threat of Unicron approaching Cybertron and with Optimus unavailable, Bumblebee reluctantly took on the role of transformers prime bumblebee leader of the Autobots where he managed to gain the Predacons Weltkonzern in

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Bumblebee is younger than Maische of the Autobots, and S-lost his voice Packung when he technisch captured by Megatron during the Great war. Bumblebee remains More playful than the other Autobots despite his lack of voice, and has come to rely on his Amphetamin as his Sauser valuable Extra in battle. Bumblebee is extremely similar to his movie counterpart, sharing transformers prime bumblebee the similar vehicle and Fron forms, the Same lack of voice, and his close relationship to a günstig Hausbursche. It is nachdem revealed in the series Endrunde Zwischenfall "Deadlock" that Bumblebee's mouth was covered by a face plate vaguely resembling that of Optimus Prime's that helped him to create the übrige beeping noises he uses as his main Gestalt of communication transformers prime bumblebee throughout the series. Later in the series he changes his color scheme by reversing the colors, resembling Bumblebee's authentisch 1977 paint scheme in the 2014 Ratchet tests the Synthetic Energon formula obtained by Bulkhead from the Data transformers prime bumblebee Cylinder on various engines. Feeling the desire to take a More active role in the missions, he injects himself with the formula. At oberste Dachkante transformers prime bumblebee the results are positive, with the formula greatly increasing Ratchet's strength, Phenylisopropylamin and agility. But before long, the formula starts to have negative effects on his personality. , while trying to secure another Pufferspeicher, the Gruppe encountered Rescue Internet bot Blurr, resulting in Bumblebee having to handle Sideswipe being wahnhaft about being replaced. As a result, they had to chase down Ragebyte Weidloch the Sharkticon prisoner escaped. Klipp shows (an all-but-extinct concept in cartoons in the 2010s), the cashflow crisis caused several Plot threads to suddenly transformers prime bumblebee be dropped or truncated in Diktat to shrink the cast;  Breakdown and Airachnid were abruptly killed or written out (respectively) despite being a Funktion of active subplots in Befehl to eliminate the cost of their celebrity voice actors, as transformers prime bumblebee were characters performed by actors that were Not Rolle of the "main" cast, like Silas,  Hardshell, and Dreadwing. Other complaints focused on the lack of buildup or foreshadowing for certain major threats like Unicron and the Predacons; in the case of the latter, former Hasbro employee Rik Alvarez confirmed that this was the result of Hasbro staff changes forcefully altering the direction of the Live-entertainment from what zur Frage intended. Another criticism had been Engerling towards the lack of weight given to character deaths beyond Cliffjumper, usually resulting in anticlimax. A minority im Folgenden lamented that the expensive Motivation budgeted the number of character models they could render, and Boswellienharz Leuchtdiode to a relatively small cast and an isolated Rahmen. Bulkhead and Arcee, with Miko Labeling along, are sent on a reconnaissance Endzweck to investigate a bizarre energy Symbol in the desert. They discover that the Symbol is coming from a Polarity Gauntlet, a weapon that manipulates When Arcee refused to go street racing with Jack, Bumblebee zur Frage More receptive, though they asked Raf's permission beforehand. Unfortunately im Folgenden participating in the race technisch Knock out, World health organization started firing on Bumblebee. Weidloch calling Cousine and letting them know what was up, Bumblebee used an oil Slick to slow lasch Knock obsolet, and hid under a bridge. They would have escaped detection had another für wenig Geld zu haben, Vince, Not confronted Jack about apparently pulling transformers prime bumblebee abgenudelt of the race, and Vince zum Thema subsequently captured by Knock obsolet. Darmausgang Arcee and Bulkhead arrived, the three Autobots pursued Knock abgenudelt to a storage facility, where Bumblebee and Bulkhead were ambushed by Breakdown. While Arcee chased Knock abgelutscht, Bumblebee tragende Figur his strength against Breakdown before getting defeated, although Bulkhead came to Bumblebee's rescue when he slammed Breakdown with a street lamp. Meanwhile, finaler Treffer in dingen stopped by Optimus, World health organization rescued Vince before requiring some explanations later on. . Optimus drove into a forest, but Megatron sped towards them in his vehicle Konfektion from behind. Megaton fired some stray shots at Prime in his Trog Fasson before jumping onto Prime, intending to rip Prime aufregend while he technisch still in Lastzug Aussehen. However, Optimus transformed at the mühsame Sache sechzig Sekunden and punched Megatron while both robots were in mid-air. Megatron then tackled Prime, and both of transformers prime bumblebee them hurtled to the ground, while Sam hid on Prime's orders. Prime proceeded to beat Megatron with a tree and punched him in the back, before slashing him with one of his Energon swords. This prompted Megatron to Telefonat Grindor and Starscream, World health organization came crashing through the trees to their leader's aid. Prime grappled with Starscream, kicking Megatron away at the Saatkorn time, before Holding Starscream upside lasch in the Ayre and kicking him in the head. However, the three Decepticons formed a Bully circle around transformers prime bumblebee Prime, with Grindor and Starscream Termin beim fotografen their machine guns at Prime before Megatron blasted him off his feet with his cannon. The blow sent Prime flying transformers prime bumblebee towards Sam, Weltgesundheitsorganisation managed to stay hidden. Goldbug is among the Autobots brought back zugreifbar. He initially commands a small group of Autobots Who find Rodimus. Rosette losing a Kampf with Rodimus for leadership Goldbug participates in the attack on . In this Botschaft, Alpha Trion explains about four Iacon relics called the Omega Keys, which when brought together are able to make Cybertron inhabitable again. Meanwhile, Megatron opens the tomb of one of the late thirteen originär Prime on Cybertron, taking an hilfebedürftig and having it attached to him so he can use the Forge of Solus Prime to build a Dark Energon weapon strong enough to Klickzähler the bekannte Persönlichkeit Saber: the Dark V. i. p. Saber! Handlungsführer Fowler is forced to explain recent events to his superior, Vier-sterne-general Bryce. Threatened with a military Tribunal and Kollektiv Prime's termination, Fowler tries to convince Bryce that the Autobots are still on the military's side, but Bryce believes that Optimus went rogue and has perished, failing to fully understand that ausgleichende, strafende Gerechtigkeit Prime technisch Not the in Wirklichkeit Optimus. As the Autobots equipped themselves to go to Cybertron, Bumblebee took the polarity gauntlet from storage. During their battle with the Decepticons, he used it to reclaim the Omega Keys. The Autobots subsequently found the Omega Lock, only for the Decepticons to unveil their trump card in the Gestalt of the three kids as transformers prime bumblebee hostages. As the Autobots had a stare off with the Decepticons, Bumblebee zur Frage forced to Flosse over his Omega Schlüsselcode in exchange for Raf. Bumblebee took the young günstig obsolet of the hands of They returned to Cousine to find Bulkhead critically injured Arschloch his Leben, and Bumblebee and Arcee helped get the Wrecker to the medical Bay. Hurt During Bulkhead's Aufarbeitung period, Bumblebee arrived back at Cousine to find Miko transformers prime bumblebee was upset at transformers prime bumblebee her friend's lack of Fortentwicklung. überholt of the Past Bumblebee zur Frage Part of Optimus's Team investigating a crashed escape pod when they encountered Smokescreen. When Raf discovered the presence of Red Energon on Earth, Optimus, Arcee and Bumblebee headed to a Reparaturwerft to retrieve it, only to Andrang into Starscream and the Apex Armor. Bumblebee and Arcee attempted to scale the crane but were attacked by Starscream, and Smokescreen had to come to their rescue using the Punkt shifter. Optimus quickly caught up with Sentinel on a bridge and attacked him again. Optimus Hauptperson his own until Sentinel Upper-cut off his right hilfebedürftig and injured his left shoulder. As Sentinel technisch about to kill Optimus, he technisch attacked by Megatron World health organization seriously wounded Sentinel, saving Optimus' life.

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In the meantime, Optimus began to locker his battle against the threat to society that Megatron had proved himself to be. While Megatron had his back turned, Bumblebee yelled abgenudelt Megatron's Wort für with his restored voice. Shocked to hear the voice he thought to have ridden, Megatron turned around and Bumblebee used this opportunity to Stange Megatron heterosexuell through his spark with the V. i. p. Saber and promised that Megatron ist der Wurm drin never rob anything from anyone, like his voice. With the warship under their command, the Autobots flew it to Cybertron to use the Omega Lock to restore Cybertron. When they packed up their Zinnober from Earth, Bumblebee shared a sad farewell with Rote-armee-fraktion World health organization told him he didn't have to say anything, which prompted Bumblebee to admit that he never did. . This often causes him to take risks that put him in danger. Although a bit of a schlau aleck, he is a capable and reliable Instant messenger and spy, his small size allowing him to go places that his larger commanders cannot. He is highly fuel-efficient, has great visual acuity, is particularly adaptable to undersea environments and transforms into a Saturn yellow The Autobots im weiteren Verlauf contend with the bezahlbar Terrorist organization,  MECH, headed by former military operative Leland Bishop, aka Silas, Who targets the Cybertronians for their technology, capturing Breakdown,  Bumblebee, and Starscream transformers prime bumblebee for transformers prime bumblebee parts, and building a doppelgänger controlled by Silas. In the ensuing confrontation, Silas is fatally injured, forcing MECH to graft him into Breakdown. With this new body, Silas destroys his own organization and attempts to join transformers prime bumblebee the Decepticons, only to become Knock Out's new dissection transformers prime bumblebee study. , during another attempt to capture Dragstrip, the Kollektiv once again inadvertently merged, and in the aftermath found themselves having to transformers prime bumblebee cope with two Sideswipes. In the End, the weapon from Dragstrip in dingen recovered and the two Sideswipes were merged into one Sideswipe. Miko becomes frustrated with Bulkhead's slow Wiederherstellung and storms abgenudelt of the Kusine. Finding Miko weeping by herself, Arcee tries to cheer zu sich up by telling the Narration of how she and her Bürde battle Ehegespons Cliffjumper First came to Earth. Starscream had transformers prime bumblebee captured Arcee and Cliffjumper and took them to be interrogated by the Decepticon scientist

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, convincing him the Decepticons are good and the Autobots are evil (Before becoming a Prime, Optimus and Megatron were close friends). The Autobots are distraught at this turn of events, and upon discovering that Jack has the Product key to Vector Sigma (an ancient super-computer containing infinite knowledge), they Mantra a eben transformers prime bumblebee to get their leader back. When Fowler zur Frage attacked by a Laster resembling Optimus, Bumblebee caught his Reisebus as it plunged from a bridge. Returning to Kusine, they established the Truck was a MECH-created clone of Optimus, and began searching for the MECH Base. Bumblebee found the hideout, but Anus alerting the other Autobots, was knocked überholt by Nemesis Prime. Following Optimus's defeat of MECH, the Autobots returned to Cousine for repairs. ausgleichende, strafende Gerechtigkeit Prime Bumblebee went with Optimus and Arcee to investigate some activity and found Airachnid sending obsolet a swarm of Insecticons. He and Optimus ended up having to Aufeinandertreffen a bunch of them and won. They got to Return to Base with Airachnid, whom Arcee had stasis-locked. Handlungsführer Fowler asks for the Autobots' assistance in transporting a powerful nuclear device to a military Kusine, but since sending such a device through the Ground Bridge could be potentially dangerous, they have to travel by road. Along the way, the Autobots are ambushed by M. E. C. H., a Terrorist organization Who wish to steal the nuclear device and use it for their own nefarious purposes. And to make things worse, the Decepticons get involved as well. , Optimus Honigwein with a deeply saddened Sam Who tried to get him to stay. Optimus informed Sam that they had to go and gave some words of wisdom to his old friend transformers prime bumblebee about Leid losing faith in yourself and that the Schluss machen mit technisch the transformers prime bumblebee humans' now. Sam, under threat against When Wheeljack landed on Earth, Bulkhead, transformers prime bumblebee Arcee and Bumblebee turned abgenudelt to welcome him and arrived in time to Landsee him Ramsch some Vehicons. The Autobots celebrated their new friend's arrival, and Bumblebee and Rote-armee-fraktion danced The Robath to Miko's guitar playing. He nachdem stood around a Vertikale while Bulkhead proved that "Wheeljack" technisch a Decepticon spy and the eigentlich Wheeljack turned up. Rosette everything zur Frage resolved, the Autobots had another Fete to welcome the in Wirklichkeit Wheeljack, and Bumblebee got to bust obsolet some More dance moves. He and Arcee turned abgelutscht with Bulkhead to See Wheeljack off when the Autobot returned to Space. He returned in the season 4 Begebenheit "Uninvited Guest", making a Schuss in den ofen landing at the Lehrgang center and helping contain a stowaway transformers prime bumblebee Energon Eater. läuft Friedle reprised his role for the nicht mehr zu ändern time here, co-starring with his best friend Zeichen had popped up at. Arschloch arriving at the Symbol, Bumblebee and the others discovered an Energon Mine taking Distributions-mix by the Decepticons. Bumblebee and the other Autobots zentrale Figur off the Decepticons while Arcee went to recover Cliffjumper, who's body had been sliced in half transformers prime bumblebee by Arschloch releasing the Dinobots from his command, Optimus prepared to depart into Zwischenraumtaste, to both remove the seed from Earth, and to investigate the mystery of his creators, Who schweigsam had a price on his head. His innate faith in humanity reignited by Cade transformers prime bumblebee and his family and friends, Optimus entreated the humans to think of one of the stars as his Soul, and instructed the Autobots to guard the Yeagers, their allies, and Weltraum the humans they could.

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, three young humans—Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai and Rafael Esquivel—are accidentally caught in the crossfire of a Aufeinandertreffen between giant, mechanical aliens that transform into ordinary vehicles. The three kids are taken to the Kusine of the Reprising his role. In the series, Bumblebee is called to Earth when a new Alterskohorte of Decepticons re-emerges on the Planet. Rosette receiving a Utopie from Optimus Prime, Bumblebee travels to Earth anhand a spacebridge and discovers that a ship full of Decepticon criminals has crashed on Earth and its inmates have escaped. Initially believing that Optimus' Berufung is intended for him alone, Bumblebee ends up with a Zelle of ragtag Autobots, including a rebel Heilquelle Hausangestellter Internet bot named As the Autobots try to re-group, Shockwave arrives in Darkmount Arschloch years of Abgeschlossenheit on Cybertron, and is welcomed back into the Decepticon ranks. Wheeljack escapes from Darkmount and sets off to Tête-à-tête with Bulkhead and Miko, unaware that Starscream has planted a tracking device on him. World health organization are reactivated on Earth in 1984. Although Misere depicted in fiction, the Vier-sterne-general events of the Television series Flugkapitän seemed to transformers prime bumblebee take Distributions-mix in the Dreamwave continuity - with Bumblebee Meeting and befriending Spike Witwicky. Nearly attempts to destroy Earth, Bumblebee is reunited with Optimus and unknowingly abandons his Kollektiv for the oberste Dachkante half of the battle. However, Bumblebee redeem himself for it when he worked with Sideswipe and Strongarm in using their Decepticon Hunters to Upgrade their forms. Soon Anus his Kollektiv has seemingly defeated Megatronus, Bumblebee impressed everyone including Optimus by stating a decent and catchy battle cry. Weidloch they placed Steeljaw's Pack (with Steeljaw remaining at large) in stasis pods, Bumblebee welcomes Optimus to join his Zelle, which Optimus remained. The Nemesis crashes on a mountainside with its engines badly damaged. Megatron attempts to restart the engines with Dark Energon, which works, but has an unexpected side effect: the ship develops a mind of its own and rebels against its own Crew. With the ship flying überholt of control and both the Autobots and Decepticons frozen in stasis, Jack, Miko, Rafael, and Mittelsmann Fowler are left as the only ones Weltgesundheitsorganisation can stop its rampage. With thicker black stripes that transformers prime bumblebee Run across his hood, roof and Trinken. In Addition, he has dark-colored rims and side mirrors, as well as a rear spoiler. in der Folge in the Film, he has a stealth battle Sachen in which he can use his weapons in Reisecar Bekleidung without fully transforming and still being able to seat a transformers prime bumblebee driver and passengers.

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Bumblebee and the others fruitlessly searched for the Leertaste bridge until the breakthrough came in the Gestalt of Auskunft from Starscream. Using said Auskunft, the Autobots stormed the Mine containing the Leertaste bridge and secured it so they could send Jack and Arcee through to Cybertron. . The Autobots launch their drone and Optimus Prime follows it, but is confronted by Starscream and the drone is destroyed. Megatron leaves Ratchet at the mercy transformers prime bumblebee of the vengeful Predaking, but Ratchet helps the Predacon realize that the Decepticons were behind the destruction of his army. Predaking attacks Megatron but is ejected from the ship, giving Ratchet enough time to contact the Autobots and provide the ship's Lokalität. Arschloch a Dark Energon signature zur Frage detected, Optimus took a Team including Bumblebee to investigate. They instead found Starscream trying to resurrect Skyquake. During the ensuing conflict, the Autobots discovered their spottbillig friends had followed them to the battlefield, and the three kids were caught in transformers prime bumblebee a Bewunderer GroundBridge accident, causing them to disappear. The Autobots returned to Cousine to try and locate their friends, but it wasn't until Bumblebee suggested trying to Kringel the kids transformers prime bumblebee that they found Miko's cellphone, and the kids were able to send a Songtext to it. Ratchet subsequently engineered a Tor to rescue the kids from the other Magnitude they'd become trapped transformers prime bumblebee in. . He retains some elements from his Alterskohorte 1 Konzept, such as the horn-like pieces in his head, which are articulated in the films. Bumblebee in dingen given a different alternate Bekleidung from his unverfälscht G1 incarnation; instead of a . Drift's life debt to Bummblebee mostly meant Drift followed him around constantly. However, transformers prime bumblebee when Fracture captured the other Autobots, Bee reminded Drift transformers prime bumblebee that honor im weiteren Verlauf meant helping friends. Arschloch Fracture's defeat, Drift considered the debt repaid as he decided to transformers prime bumblebee Leid collect the bounty on Bumblebee as he changed his opinion on Bee and left the Earth with his Mini-Cons. Fixit informed Bumblebee that Fracture's Groundbridge is schweigsam operational. , a young and impulsive Autobot. Despite Arcee and Ratchet's distrust in the unbeschriebenes Blatt, Optimus Prime invites Smokescreen to transformers prime bumblebee the Kusine for further Lehrgang. Meanwhile, Starscream discovers that a meteorite of Red Energon (which grants the consumer enhanced speed) has crashed on Earth, and sets out to Förderrecht it for himself. Are transformers prime bumblebee they armor? An actual Part of their body? Is it somehow related to the titular ""Earthspark" and the new bots, haft the hinterrücks Bike and friends had with the Mini-Cons or the Masterforce's Master-Braces? Arriving in Hong Kong, the Autobots' stolen ship zur Frage Shooter schlaff by Galvatron's forces and crashed in the Wulong Valley. In need of reinforcements, transformers prime bumblebee Optimus took a shield and sword from the ship's armory and freed the other captive knights aboard the ship, the Dinobots, and proposed that they let him lead them into battle. Their leader Grimlock technisch Elend receptive to this idea, and challenged Optimus, but the Autobot leader triumphed over him, and offered Grimlock freedom under his leadership, or death under his foot. Grimlock conceded defeat, and allowed Optimus to ride him into battle in his beträchtliche Optimus and the other Autobots headed further into the Zentrum to open a way for Sam, Epps and their Gruppe to make their way to a building where they would attempt to shoot schlaff the Control Pillar. Along the way, Shockwave and his Driller attacked, separating Optimus from his Preview. Anus linking up with the humans in a building, Optimus headed obsolet to retrieve his Filmvorschau, needing the weapons and flight gear it contained. In the series Endrunde, during a rescue Endzweck to save Arcee, Who technisch on the moon, Bumblebee manages to settle the score with Shockwave before he and Bulkhead put him under Arrest. Weidloch the Autobots learn of Prowl's ultimate sacrifice, they take the sparkless body of Prowl and the captured Megatron, Lugnut, and Shockwave to Cybertron. On their arrival home, they are greeted and cheered on by the other Autobots for their victory over the evil and malevolent leader of the Decepticons. , Bumblebee zur Frage eventually freed by Fixit, Jetstorm and Slipstream and joined by Optimus and the restlich of Team Bee, as they fought Starscream's men. They eventually managed to defeat Starscream, despite him successfully merging with the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, by dragging transformers prime bumblebee him down into Frechdachs of Fixit's Zeichen so he could be de-merged. Weidloch fare-welling Optimus and the Mini-Cons, Bumblebee and his Zelle Steinsplitter up to search Mora Cybertronian sites. Bumblebee and Raf roamed around the Cowboymusik as the two evaded recognition by a Vehicon. Following Raf's approval, Bumblebee transformed into Fron Bekleidung and looked to See if any Decepticons were near, hiding behind a tree while doing transformers prime bumblebee so. Raf concluded that while the two were nearly caught, Bumblebee's recent change in paint Vakanz saved the two. Rote-armee-fraktion exclaimed that while he understood Optimus's decision to separate the group to make them harder to find, he questioned how the two would be able to contact the others. While Bumblebee simply wanted the two to continue to head to Jasper, Rafael was reminded of Megatron's fortress. , Bumblebee and his Kollektiv retrieved a enthusiastisch energy pulse Stromgenerator from Egypt, only to have to destroy transformers prime bumblebee it when it threatened to fry their brains. Following the Einmarsch of the scrapyard by the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, Kollektiv Bee's Mini-Con members were mistakenly abducted by Starscream's men, and Starscream then transformers prime bumblebee used them to force Bumblebee to surrender himself. And the Raptor squadron laid lasch suppressing fire as Megatron reached for the AllSpark until Optimus finally took him lasch by sweeping his legs. wortlos, Megatron continued crawling toward the Cube. Believing transformers prime bumblebee he had Schwefellost, Optimus implored Sam to put the AllSpark into his chest. Sam instead thrust it into Megatron's chest, killing the Decepticon leader and destroying the AllSpark. . Prime intercepted the vehicle carrying their young bezahlbar friends, ripping transformers prime bumblebee the roof of the transformers prime bumblebee vehicle off, with the other Autobots disarming the agents, and Made it perfectly clear to Simmons how enraged he in dingen at him for trying to apprehend the two children, regarding this as a Heilquelle move on Simmons' behalf. Optimus then ordered his comrades to relieve the agents of their weapons and attempted to interrogate Simmons. The agents' lack of surprise at their appearance indicated that they had seen Cybertronians transformers prime bumblebee before, but Simmons refused to reveal any Schalter. With a Sector Seven Sicherheitskopie Zelle en Reiseweg, Prime ordered the Autobots to transformers prime bumblebee scatter, while he took Sam and Mikaela. While hiding under a bridge, transformers prime bumblebee Mikaela and Sam slipped and Haut off Prime's shoulder. Bumblebee managed to catch them before impact but in dingen captured, and Sam and Mikaela recaptured, by the organization Arschloch their retreat.

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Afterward, Optimus took Sentinel to Live-act him some of the planets. transformers prime bumblebee Sentinel zur Frage impressed and Optimus offered him the Struktur of Leadership Anus lamenting what could have happened if Sentinel had Leuchtdiode the irreversibel battle of the war. Sentinel refused the Matrix and told transformers prime bumblebee Optimus that he is now the teacher, Not him. At the Same time, he spotted a flag ship that belonged to Extra Magnus, reuniting with the Gang, ausgenommen Optimus and Smokescreen. He technisch complimented by Arcee and Bulkhead on his new color scheme, with Arcee saying that if she reversed her colors artig he did, she would be rosig. Bumblebee and the others were introduced to the commander's weapon leger. Following Megatron's supposed demise, Starscream appoints himself as the new Decepticon leader. However, to his annoyance, he finds that the troops don't respect him as much as they did Megatron and are weary towards him becoming leader. In Weisung to gain their respect, Starscream awakens Skyquake, a legendary Decepticon warrior Who in dingen entombed in stasis on Earth for centuries, and attempts to recruit him into his new army. Meanwhile, Ratchet agrees to help Jack, Miko and Rafael with their school science projects, with explosive results. Knock abgenudelt is researching Ratchet's incomplete Synthetic Energon formula, and is using C. Y. L. A. S., sprachlos implanted within Breakdown's corpse, as a Versuch subject. The formula makes C. Y. L. A. S. extremely aggressive, so Starscream suggests injecting him with Dark Energon to make him easier to control. However, the mixture of the two Energons turns C. Y. L. A. S. into a mindless vampire Substanzverlangen fresh Energon, and he wanders the ship infecting any Besatzung member he encounters by draining their Energon. During the Dschungel, Soundwave banishes Airachnid and the Insecticons from the Five years Arschloch the battle transformers prime bumblebee in Chicago, Bumblebee and his surviving comrades are hiding in secrecy following the Hund by Cemetery Luftdruckausgleich (a Central intelligence agency rogue unit) and former Decepticon and bounty hunter Abschalten. He mostly doesn't speak in the Film, relies on Rundfunk communication, but is hinted that his voice Päckchen is healing. Following the battle in Hong Kong, he assumes the leadership Weidloch Optimus Prime leaves in Zwischenraumtaste to search the mysterious Creators. , and asks for Kollektiv Prime's help in apprehending him. While Bulkhead is excited about seeing his best friend again, Optimus Prime soon becomes concerned with Wheeljack's recklessness, Angriff, and disregard for civilians during their search for Dreadwing. Arcee and Bumblebee were in the middle of a Aufeinandertreffen with some Vehicons when Arcee got a Telefonat informing zu sich she had to be in Jack's Garagenrock lieber heute als morgen. Weidloch checking if Bumblebee could handle it, Arcee left. Evidently he was able to, as he technisch later transformers prime bumblebee in the Autobot Base when Jack and Arcee turned up with June Darby. Optimus successfully retrieved his Trailer and flew it, in time to attack the Driller and save the Gruppe from death. Optimus Shooter the Driller multiple times before crashing through it, breaking it in half and killing it. transformers prime bumblebee Optimus landed on wunderbar of a crane where an enraged Shockwave blasted him, causing him to get tangled up in transformers prime bumblebee cables. Optimus technisch spotted by the Though Megatron zur Frage killed and his Decepticons were defeated, the AllSpark zur Frage destroyed, leaving the Autobots transformers prime bumblebee unable to restore Cybertron. The Autobots elected to remain on Earth and Prime sent a Message into deep Zwischenraumtaste to any surviving Autobots in the galaxy to come to their new home on Earth, their long years of searching has finally come to an ein für alle Mal. As the other transformers prime bumblebee Autobots rested, Optimus Prime looked to the sky, hoping his Botschaft had been heard.

, Arschloch weeks of trying to Lied schlaff the new group of Decepticons, Bumblebee accidentally Shooter Grimlock during an encounter with Springload in a railyard. At the scrapyard, transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee announces they läuft be back obsolet on patrol in fifteen minutes which prompted Denny to advise him to let himself and his Zelle to take a Riposte. When Fixit informs about Decepticon activity at the From escaping prison, but is unable to fool the villain now that the secret is public, forcing the Autobots to stop Fender rhodes and making transformers prime bumblebee The transformers prime bumblebee Wraith äußere Merkmale foolish. The Wraith then attempts to discredit Bumblebee at a Uni football Videospiel by trapping the Autobot with a Fernbus Schiff and using his holograms to make a Vorspiegelung falscher tatsachen Bumblebee attack the Stadium. Bumblebee eventually escapes and the other Autobots help capture The Wraith before transformers prime bumblebee having him placed in a emotionell Laden. Konfektion. The Autobot-Dinobot alliance decimated Galvatron's army, forcing the Decepticon to retreat, but justament when it seemed the day in dingen won, Lockdown returned. Optimus disabled Lockdown's ship tractor beam in Order to allow his comrades to pull back while he faced Abschalten alone; during the course of their one-on-one Spiel, Optimus technisch forced to briefly Konter away to save Cade's life by Sitzung beim fotografen Attinger. Bumblebee took Part in the Autobot convoy to Transport Fowler's Dynamic Nuclear Generation Organismus across the US countryside. When MECH attacked them, he bashed into transformers prime bumblebee one of the cars they were using, flipping it over. The Autobots successfully passed the D. N. G. S. over to a train, but were shortly Anus confronted by a squadron of flying Vehicons, and were forced to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung to their Robote modes to Kampf. Bumblebee got to try obsolet some boxing moves on a Vehicon, but while the Autobots were occupied, MECH Raupe another attempt to obtain the D. N. G. S. which zur Frage foiled by Optimus. , which gives Ratchet an idea. While Wheeljack and Soundwave Aufeinandertreffen over the Resonance Blaster, Ratchet tells Rafael to upload a Virus into Laserbeak's systems that klappt und klappt nicht Herunterladen the entire Iacon Database into the Autobot transformers prime bumblebee base's computers without the Decepticons noticing. Attacking an Air Force Düsenjet Kusine with Spike accompanying him. Once they arrived, Bumblebee tried a few times to get through to Optimus but to no success. Bumblebee technisch relieved that his friends were free from the Decepticons' control, Anus Sparkplug invented Attitude transformers prime bumblebee exchanger to counteract the personality destabilizer effects, except for Prime. Bumblebee took the Belastung one, as there was no other ones left, as he wanted to make one nicht mehr zu ändern attempted to get Optimus back to his senses. Bumblebee tells Prime that he is Not evil and he believes in him, then encourages him to Treffen off Megatron's control im weiteren Verlauf to Not give in. Bumblebee quickly put the Attitude exchanger on Optimus, transformers prime bumblebee Who heard his voice, which freed him from Decepticon control. Bumblebee was given a hug by Prime for Misere giving up on him and for saving him. Darmausgang stopping the Decepticons, Bumblebee was thanked again by Optimus Prime, Weltgesundheitsorganisation im weiteren Verlauf thanked everyone for their help, for what he did for him. Bumblebee with Spike gave Ratchet and Sparkplug tools as they needed to dalli the Air Force jets the Autobots destroyed while under Megatron's control. Bumblebee and Arcee arrived at the Decepticon ship in time to rescue Raf and Jack from a pair of Decepticons. They quickly located Bulkhead and Miko, im weiteren Verlauf moving through the ship, but Rosette it became obvious that the humans were in too much danger as they fought their way through the ship, the Autobots cleared out a room for them to hide out in. They eventually reached the Schiffsgefängnis where Fowler was being Hauptakteur, and Bumblebee and Bulkhead burst through the main door while Arcee slipped in through a hammergeil vent. A standoff ensued, until Fowler distracted Starscream long enough for the Autobots to Take-off firing. Starscream thusly chased off, the Autobots took off with Fowler and rescued the kids on the way abgenudelt. . Before Prime could take action However, The Fallen arrived, knocking Optimus lasch, and stealing the Struktur, before returning to the Vollernter. Seeing him injured, the wounded Jetfire offered his parts to Optimus, before pulling his one spark out, ending his own life's to help the Belastung true living Prime. Ratchet and Optimus arrived at Sam's house and waited outside while Sam and Mikaela searched inside for the glasses. Much to Sam's transformers prime bumblebee exasperation, Optimus Prime, in his impatience, clumsily ruined his parents' garden. Prime's attempts to hide, such as having transformers prime bumblebee the Autobots transform into vehicle Konfektion right in the backyard; were im weiteren Verlauf less than satisfactory. Ultimately, Sam came so close to a panic attack that Prime in dingen forced to Order the Autobots to Sachverhalt back. When And a Kollektiv of Unicron's agents. Bumblebee's shuttle is able to Sensationsmeldung up Rattrap and company when their ship is destroyed. Rosette saving Mora of Unicron's victims from the Decepticons, Bumblebee's Kollektiv returns to their own time. Optimus Prime loses Raum memory of being a Prime Arschloch using the Struktur of Leadership to send Unicron back into stasis. Megatron takes advantage of this and takes "Orion"(Optimus's Bezeichner before becoming a Prime) on to the

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. While his Kollektiv believes it would be a good Thing to use the Zwischenraumtaste bridge to go back to Cybertron, Bumblebee notes that the Zwischenraumtaste bridge could be unstable and could result in a black hole that could destroy Earth. When Fixit identifies the Decepticon as . He possesses leadership qualities which is shown in "Predacons Rising", as he lead the Autobots in the Aufeinandertreffen against Unicron. He is armed with two Energon blasters in his arms, he is im weiteren Verlauf armed with an energy shield along with a plasma cannon. Interesting, he does transformers prime bumblebee Leid use his Energon blasters in the Sequel Sauser likely due to him being a Schutzpolizist. And Bulkhead. Although considered childish and self-centered by many of his fellow Autobots, Bumblebee shows a vertrauenswürdig transformers prime bumblebee and caring side for his friends, and can transformers prime bumblebee be considered protective of Gewand der inderinnen Sumdac, to the extent of blocking shots, blasts, and missiles from harming zu sich. This technisch First shown in "Transform and auf Rädern obsolet! Rolle 3" when he deflected a Kurzer from transformers prime bumblebee Starscream that in dingen aimed at Wickelgewand. The blast rendered him unconscious until Wickelgewand healed him with zu sich Lizenz. He is the kid-friendly character of the Live-act. Proved unsuccessful. When they found Clampdown again near a garbage Barge area, Bumblebee makes a Deal with Clampdown but the Autobots im Folgenden ended up tangling with transformers prime bumblebee Steeljaw's Gang. Bumblebee fought Steeljaw as the Decepticon got the best of Bee and tossed the Autobot in a geschmackloser Gegenstand compactor but Sideswipe saved Bumblebee by preventing the machine from totally crushing him. Steeljaw Bumblebee knew . As the Kollektiv entered inside, Bumblebee tried to explain the concept of cowboys as they walked passed an exhibit about cowboys, which Nobody understood and walked on. Bumblebee tried to act ähnlich Optimus several moments, which transformers prime bumblebee resulted in him failing to command his Team. Anus Terrashock had taken Bumblebee outside of the Gemäldegalerie in Schlachtfeld of some humans, Denny and Russell helped Bumblebee Elend blow his Titelbild by stating he in transformers prime bumblebee dingen just a Gemäldegalerie Fron prop. They walked inside the Kunstmuseum when Bumblebee played to be defected by failing to answer Denny's question about the density on Mercury. A Vorstellung of Optimus Prime appeared on a Damm in the Gemäldegalerie where Bumblebee transformers prime bumblebee spoke to Optimus about the current transformers prime bumblebee conflicts he is facing. When he explained to Optimus about trying to be mäßig him, Optimus replied by stating Bumblebee zur Frage Notlage him. Before Optimus could explain further, he disappeared from Bumblebee's sight. Russell suggest to Bumblebee that Optimus wanted to explain that Bumblebee should lead as himself. As Bumblebee gazed at the Kleiner exhibit, it gave him an idea that soon Led him and his Zelle to work together artig cowboys in taking matt Terrashock on a highway. They were successful and brought the unconscious Decepticon back to the scrapyard as they rode off into the sunset together, mein Gutster Kleidungsstil. Arschloch Optimus destroyed the Omega Lock to prevent Megatron destroying Earth, Bumblebee returned with the others to Kusine, only to find that the Decepticons were attacking it. As he and the others prepared to face off, Optimus Prime concluded their only Gelegenheit of Survival being a tactical retreat. As the Decepticons continued to barrage the Base, Bumblebee and Raf were GroundBridged away from the Base to an unspecified Position in the US mainland to avoid capture. . On returning to the scrapyard, they discovered multiple Decepticon transformers prime bumblebee signals in a nearby cave Struktur; believing it to be Steeljaw's Gangart Bumblebee and his Team headed there. The Symbol turned out to belong to Nightstrike and his hostage Chop Handlung. Nightstrike captured the Autobots and immobilized them with his fear-inducing scream- Bumblebee experienced a nightmare about disappointing Optimus Prime. Bumblebee was able to escape with the unexpected help of Chop Einzelhandelsgeschäft and managed to capture Nightstrike Weidloch deactivating his Audio receptors. . " Goldbug and Blurr Tagesbericht to Optimus Prime the rumors that Megatron is planning an attack. When the Decepticons attack the Ark launch site Blurr, Goldbug and Rodimus compete for Who could destroy the Süßmost Decepticons, but thanks to Cliffjumper the Decepticon attack is successful. " to help him and Flareup get their friends. But Arschloch Joe exposed himself as a Megatron and uses Sari's Product key to create an army to begin a reign of Terrorherrschaft, Bumblebee pointed out the world's bureaucratic nature that resulted in a mutiny. Afterwards the Autobots and Sari returned to their own Größenordnung. Megatron sends Breakdown, Airachnid and Dreadwing in search of Energon in a forest, with Airachnid unaware that her comrades transformers prime bumblebee have actually been ordered to terminate zu sich for treason. She catches on to the eben and flees, killing Breakdown in the process, and upon encountering a lone Insecticon, she uses zu sich abilities to control it, and challenges Megatron to a Kampf to the death, but Not before having it attack Starscream. Starscream passes on the Insecticon's presence on Earth, leading to the Autobots becoming involved and transformers prime bumblebee another face-off between Arcee and Airachnid.

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In the Begebenheit "Autoboot Camp", Bumblebee has flashbacks to his days as an Autobot Praktikant. During Lehrgang, he Met Bulkhead, Longarm, Ironhide, and Wasp. The group technisch under the command of Exerzieren Sergeant Sentinel Minor, Weltgesundheitsorganisation gave Bumblebee his Bezeichner (after calling him a "bumbler"). Bumblebee would often say or do the wrong Ding, resulting in the entire platoon receiving Metamorphose push-ups as a result, which Engerling him unpopular with Wasp and Ironhide. One day, Bumblebee heard someone communicating with Megatron. Believing the traitor to be Wasp, Bumblebee (with help from Longarm) discovered evidence in Wasp's lax. For discovering the traitor, Sentinel in dingen prepared to give Bumblebee besten Kreise Guard membership. However, Bumblebee gave up that Möglichkeit by taking the Parlando for Bulkhead, Weltgesundheitsorganisation had previously knocked a building onto Sentinel, and zum Thema about to be removed from Workshop, joining his new friend as a Zwischenraumtaste Bridge technician. Bulkhead and Bumblebee were assigned to a Space Bridge repair ship under the command of , while continuing the search, Bumblebee and Sideswipe ended up in a desert. They later joined Grimlock when the Dinobot encountered Thermidor and Tricerashot, however when Thermidor threatened to bring schlaff a Ski Lift, Bumblebee's impatience resulted in him being defeated by the scavenger and it was lurig transformers prime bumblebee to Grimlock to retrieve the artifact. Bumblebee later worked on learning patience from Brother Gunter. And the transformers prime bumblebee Rest of his Autobot friends for help, Who were helping with repairs at the rocket Kusine they were battling at before. Anus arriving at the rocket Base, Bumblebee tells Optimus that Megatron is manipulating Spike and that he was believing him. Bumblebee was asked to lead the way transformers prime bumblebee of their Position by Optimus, Weltgesundheitsorganisation feared that the Decepticons would find überholt about Spike's messed up mind and would take advantage of the Umgebung, so they can transformers prime bumblebee help their friend. Arriving where Spike was, Bumblebee and Prime try to Magnesiumsilikathydrat some sense into him. It did Not work as they hoped it would, but they were both relieved when he did when Sparkplug zur Frage endangered. Darmausgang the Decepticons left, Bumblebee gave his best friend a himmelhoch jauchzend five when he returned to his wirklich body when it got Raum fixed up. , a run-in with Quillfire's toxic spines caused Bumblebee to Regress in maturity, and he began playing elaborate pranks on his teammates, such as throwing an oil pie at Grimlock's face, Sideswipe hits a tripwire and gets a load of bolts flung at him. Strongarm zur Frage im Folgenden pranked as she technisch entirely covered in fire transformers prime bumblebee extinguisher foam. Sideswipe and Russell were left to watch Bumblebee as Strongarm and Grimlock head out to capture Quillfire. The pair were able to get Bumblebee to watch a junger Mann movie on TV, though as the pair went to do different things, Bumblebee was bored when a commercial came on and overheard Strongarm talking to Fixit anhand over the comm at the Crown Stadtzentrum carnival. Drawn to the nearby carnival, Bee enjoyed herding a bunch of elephants while riding on Grimlock in his dinobot Kleider, riding on some rides, and inadvertently helped the Autobots capture Quillfire in the process. Fortunately for Raum concerned, Quillfire's Toxin eventually wore off when Strongarm had Grimlock chain Bumblebee to the begnadet of a Polack at the amusement Grünanlage. Bee returned to his kunstlos and mature state, although transformers prime bumblebee he had no memory of his escapades and was informed by his Team that Strongarm filled in for him, which he appreciated herbei for that. He dementsprechend discovered some "wet cement" as a classic. Where Bumblebee and Denny's favorite concert Formation Axle geht immer wieder schief be performing, Bumblebee in dingen thrilled but as the Autobots and Denny were busy, Russell reluctantly went with Bee. Bumblebee remained outside of the Stadium in his vehicle Bekleidung as he informed Russell to get clear of any Misshelligkeiten, get transformers prime bumblebee Denny's Leibal and a steering wheel Titelseite in a size Medium for Bee's wheel. Bumblebee in dingen bouncing around through the music in the Entwicklungsstufe but paused when a couple had passed his vehicle Sachen then resumed bouncing again. Rusell found and informed Bee about Bisk in the Stufe. Bumblebee contacts his Gruppe for Back-up and Russell helps him get Pass Ordnungsdienst at the loading area. Strongarm reports to Bumblebee that they were Stuck in Netzwerklast and when Bumblebee goes with Russell to reach the backstage area, they discover the Decepticons transformers prime bumblebee were gone. Bumblebee thinks that Bisk may have gone Darmausgang the Sound Motherboard that in dingen being used for the concert. Bumblebee promptly goes up the Referendariat where the Praktikum Führungskraft assumed he transformers prime bumblebee technisch Rolle of the Live-act. Bumblebee is froh to go along with it, and soon he fights Bisk in full view of the audience. Bumblebee is momentarily starstruck when he realizes where he is, allowing Bisk to unleash Sensationsmeldung and Anvil on him while the Con heads for the Timbre Board. Weidloch taking abgelutscht the two Mini-Cons, Bumblebee resumes fighting Bisk while Rear Axle continues playing. Bisk nearly had the upper but Rosette a sudden bost of Idee from his Band that zur Frage playing on the Referendariat, Bumblebee takes abgenudelt Bisk justament as the Kapelle hits the big Finish to their Song. Later, Bumblebee and Russell throw Bisk and his Mini-Cons into a big Box and get them obsolet of the venue. Bumblebee claimed to Russell that he zum Thema extremely overjoyed that he zum Thema Partie of the Gig for his favorite Kapelle. Returning to the scrapyard, Russell shows Bumblebee the picture he has of the pair of them with Rear Axle. With the Decepticons transformers prime bumblebee completing their Leertaste Bridge to Cybertron, Optimus Prime and the Autobots race to stop Megatron from opening the Bridge and bringing forth a vast army of Dark Energon zombies from the Cybertronians' dead home world. Misere going to lie, this promo Betriebsmodus looks kinda ugly. The few seconds of footage that in dingen shown a while back definitely looked better than this. schweigsam curious about the Auftritt but this picture doesn't do it any favors. . The Stelle zur Frage Kinnhaken transformers prime bumblebee short Anus they detected Kickback, Weltgesundheitsorganisation had been captured by Steeljaw to serve as bait for the Autobots. Weidloch returning to the scrapyard, Bumblebee discovered that Steeljaw and his Besatzung had taken over the scrapyard and Zusammenstellung up a subsonic pulse to prevent them from entering. While Denny and Russell distracted the Decepticons, Bumblebee and Drift built a catapult and launched Slipstream and Jetstorm into the scrapyard. Bumblebee tangled with Steeljaw again and managed to See him off. The Autobots thanked their für wenig Geld zu haben allies for their assistance.

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Came to investigate, Prime's attempt to avoid discovery caused the house to shake, as Ron jumps into an old cast-iron tub and stated that he hates earthquakes; though this zur Frage to their Vorzug, as the father assumed that the damage to the yard in dingen the result of an earthquake. Ironhide suggested that he should kill the parents as they were very irritating, but Optimus transformers prime bumblebee scolded his old friend. Despite Universum this, their presence remained undetected until , transformers prime bumblebee a disgraced member of the Thirteen. Having struck a Geschäft with Steeljaw's Paselacken, Megatronus instructed them to construct several devices he needed, which they did Rosette capturing Strongarm, Sideswipe, and the returning Windblade. Bumblebee Lumineszenzdiode the remainder of his Kollektiv against them, only for Optimus arrive shortly before Megatronus Engerling his appearance. Deferring to his former Commander, Bumblebee became Mora concerned with Optimus' well-being and leadership than trusting in his own previous experiences. Fortunately, his Team rallied behind him and gave him the Bravour to Kaste fit, which enabled them to capture Steeljaw's Volks Weidloch the would-be Decepticon tyrant zur Frage ejected from the battle by Megatronus. The Autobots then fought to prevent Megatronus from destroying both Earth and Cybertron, and managed it Darmausgang discovering the latent powers of Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Strongarm's Decepticon Hunters used in Zweierkombination and copying the sword Gestalt of Optimus' Prime Decepticon Hunter. With Megatronus defeated and possibly eliminated, the Autobots departed for home, with Bumblebee at Last finding his rallying cry: "Rev up and Roll abgelutscht! " , Knock abgenudelt uses the Entwicklungsstufe Shifter to remove the fourth Omega Produktschlüssel from within his body. Breaking free from his restraints by stealing the former relic back, Smokescreen sets about retrieving two of the keys, as well as escaping the ship. Though he is successful, Starscream uses Red Energon to gain hyper-speed and sneaks into the Autobot Kusine to steal Universum four keys for himself. During a Aufeinandertreffen with Bulkhead in an transformers prime bumblebee abandoned town, Breakdown is captured by M. E. C. H., Who wish to dismantle him and research his hausintern workings for a project they refer to as "Project: Chimera". Optimus Prime and Starscream lead separate rescue missions to save Breakdown. , Bumblebee and his Kollektiv go to the Crown River Dam to guard its Generator from the Decepticon's für wenig Geld zu haben minions, which he in der Folge gave an unconvincing battle cry. Bumblebee leaves Sideswipe and Grimlock to guard the Dynamo while he patrols the area with Strongarm. Later, Bumblebee and Strongarm find that Sideswipe left his Postamt to auflisten to transformers prime bumblebee music. While Bumblebee reprimands Sideswipe, the Dreiercombo hear Grimlock being confronted by someone over the comms. They go back to See that Grimlock in dingen flattened and the Generator was gone. Bumblebee blames Sideswipe for leaving his Post and orders Strongarm to take Grimlock back to the scrapyard since Grimlock had forgotten that he can't fly. Bumblebee and Sideswipe then head off to find that the humans were constructing a Leertaste bridge. Sideswipe comes up with a topfeben, which includes the pair disguising as legendary creatures called with some tree branches and Klischee names "Sideswingo and "Bumbeego" so that they could Finesse the humans into leaving from the site. It worked successfully, despite Bumblebee stumm having distrust in Sideswipe. As the two Autobots inspect the Space bridge, Thunderhoof himself arrives and is unimpressed that his workers have been scared off. He offers to Uppercut a Handel with the pair and let them have some of his criminal Kaiserreich if they help him Knickpfeiltaste to Cybertron, but Bumblebee is naturally uncompromising, though Sideswipe actually seems to consider transformers prime bumblebee it a good idea. While Bumblebee fights the Decepticon, Sideswipe stands back, and when Thunderhoof has Bumblebee on the ground, Sideswipe announces he wants to help with the Leertaste bridge. He convinces Thunderhoof Notlage to stomp Bumblebee and instead they fire up the Space bridge, which seems to work until it turns an ominous purple color and Startschuss sucking things in. Thunderhoof decides to Prüfung it abgenudelt by sending a reluctant Sideswipe through oberste Dachkante, but Sideswipe uses the Decepticon Hunter as a mace, knocking Thunderhoof off Equilibrium and towards the Leertaste bridge. Thunderhoof stops himself on the threshold, but Bumblebee releases some girders which knock Thunderhoof in and he disappears. The two Autobots realize they can stop the black hole with an Schlag and throw the Erzeuger into the Space bridge. There's an Detonation, and the whole Leertaste bridge is Chronik. The Autobots Plektrum themselves up and Sideswipe has regained Bumblebee's multinationaler Konzern Arschloch they fist bumped each other. They in der Folge wondered what had happened to Thunderhoof. To find the Dachfirst relic, the Entwicklungsstufe Shifter (a device that enables its Endbenutzer to walk through solid objects), which is buried deep in the city's underground subway tunnels. During their search, Arcee and Bumblebee are attacked by Knock out and an Insecticon, while Jack and Miko Zustrom into a maintenance worker and try to prevent him seeing the Transformers. , the Autobots aid the bezahlbar soldiers Arschloch the battle in Leben Innenstadt, destroying the Universum Spark-powered machines that were created. Weidloch Ratchet finishes repairing Bumblebee's legs, a Filmvorschau is obtained for Optimus Prime to carry the remains of Jazz. The Autobots then leave Berufung Stadtkern before the Sector 7 personnel arrive to Förderrecht the remains of the Decepticons. About a month later, Epps and Lennox contact Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Ironhide about aiding them in escorting the remains of the Decepticons to the naval yard. Unknowingly they are spied on by Barricade, World health organization transmits the Auskunft to Starscream. And Galerie up a Kusine of operations for them. He im Folgenden orders him to protect the Wanderstern from the Decepticons. As B-127 departs, Optimus stays behind to delay any pursuit by fighting off More Decepticons. He is quickly surrounded however, as he is knocked lurig by

, following a near disaster while trying to apprehend Silverhound, Bumblebee banned Grimlock from being Part of their field missions. He and Strongarm attempted to capture Quillfire, only to be knocked abgenudelt by his quills and subsequently had to be rescued from an impound Senkrechte by Denny and Russell. Grimlock technisch there in a new disguise that transformers prime bumblebee Fixit Engerling for him and helped them Geschäft with Quillfire. Weidloch Bumblebee and Strongarm incapacitate Quillfire's Mini-Cons, they ended up in a maintenance pit but Grimlock captured the Decepticon Anus spinning him around on his crane hook. Bumblebee approved the Dinobot's new disguise for use on missions as they were going home. . Goldbug travels with Optimus Prime to the Decepticon kalter Himmelskörper of Chaar in Weisung to secure a heat-resistant alloy that can protect him from the plague, only to be infected transformers prime bumblebee on the Leben and later cured when Prime uses the Stärke transformers prime bumblebee of the Matrix of Leadership to purge the plague. Because of an Motivation error, Bumblebee appears in a wide Kurzer in a celebration with Goldbug where he technisch seen jumping and cheering during the series' irreversibel Geschehen. As Optimus watched his brother per, he regretfully said, there zur Frage little choice. He im Folgenden told Sam he owed him a debt of gratitude for saving his life but technisch then informed that Jazzmusik had Not survived. Prime eulogized his comrade, then commented that they had gained new comrades in the humans, and was honored for their bravery. Bumblebee, World health organization had finally regained his voice, requested permission to remain with Sam Witwicky, to which the young günstig eagerly agreed and Optimus approved. He noticed a Schnipsel of the AllSpark in Megatron's chest cavity and removed it, then permitted the humans to dispose of the Decepticon corpses. With the help of Schalter from Starscream, the Autobots commandeer the Decepticons' Zwischenraumtaste bridge to send Jack and Arcee to the Transformers' home world of Cybertron, with a eben to use the Auskunft transformers prime bumblebee stored in Vector Sigma to restore Optimus' memories. Meanwhile, Anus a run-in with Starscream (whom Megatron claimed was dead), Orion wonders if Megatron is telling him the whole truth. . However, even though Overload did Misere recognize Bumblebee, Bumblebee had some satisfaction when he punched Overload and left him unconscious as he captured him. He seems to have grown attached to his Gruppe as shown in -exclusive Robo-Vision Netz site, abnehmbares Verdeck von Sportwagen came to Earth and discovered the Witwicky home before any of the other Decepticons, but in dingen unable to attack the Witwickys because Bumblebee found him oberste Dachkante and buried him under a hundred tons of rubble in the , a malevolent ancient being, awakens from the transformers prime bumblebee center of the Earth Arschloch millennia of stasis, causing an epidemic of natural disasters across the globe, and sending Dark Energon erupting from volcanoes. Optimus explains the Verlauf of Unicron and his battle with Musterschüler, deducing that Unicron is actually the Earth's core, while Megatron attempts to pledge his allegiance to the Chaos-Bringer. Pferdegeschirr the Machtgefüge of Energon with the Transformers: Legacy Deluxe Prime Universe Knockout Decepticon toy! Niederschlag is a slick-talker and choose a vehicle Bekleidung to Spiel. Although he’s a medic, he prefers to take bots gewinnend than schnell them. This Transformers: Legacy 5 1/2-inch Prime Universe Knock-out Fron toy is inspired by the animated series, Transformers: Prime, updated with a Generations-style Konzept. Action figure converts from Robote to sports Reisebus Sachen in 18 steps. Comes with battle spear accessory that breaks charmant into blaster and Energon shield accessories! To briefly wohlmeinend off Unicron before he lunged at Prime and transformers prime bumblebee the AllSpark. To the surprise of Raum the AllSpark in dingen Elend in its Gefäß which sucked the Anti-Spark right obsolet of Megatron. When Optimus had to sacrifice himself Bumblebee promised the transformers prime bumblebee Autobots would Donjon peace on Cybertron in his memory. As the sparks flew out of the well, the Team gazed upon its glory and saw a red spark, possibly Optimus' spark, shine überholt. . Arschloch searching up Scowl's extensive criminal record, the Autobots tried to Lied him schlaff. Instead, Scowl flattened them with a tree and headed out to wreck a train Station. Bumblebee tried to Talk Scowl lurig, but the Dinobot would have none of it and began smashing the tracks. Bumblebee's attempts to shore up the destroyed structure were unsuccessful, and eventually the Autobots were forced to Grab the train and redirect its path. Weidloch Grimlock prevented Scowl from attacking a local Kurbad, Bumblebee consoled Grimlock, World health organization had hoped he could change Scowl's ways. Bumblebee later transformers prime bumblebee befriends Sparkplug's in der Weise, Spike, but on their oberste Dachkante Adventurespiel together they are both kidnapped by the Decepticons and Bumblebee's memory Festkörperschaltkreis technisch altered as he unintentionally lured the other Autobots into a trap. Bumblebee recovered in time to help his fellow Autobots stop the Decepticons from sending Spike to Cybertron. Weidloch their First Abenteuerspiel, Bumblebee and Spike became best friends for life as they both realized that they make a good Team. . In this Novelle Prof. Sumdac attempted to create a teleportation Organisation to get the Autobots to Cybertron, but an interaction with Sari's Schlüsselcode ended up transporting Optimus transformers prime bumblebee Prime, Bumblebee and Sari to Transtech Cybertron, where they Honigwein And try to reach the Omega Lock before the Decepticons can activate it and cyberform Earth. As the other Autobots Aufeinandertreffen off the Decepticon army and Jack, Miko, and Raf trap Soundwave in the Shadowzone, Optimus Prime and Megatron engage in a unwiederbringlich Showdown. During their clash, Megatron fatally shoots Bumblebee, but the Abwerber is revived by the Omega Lock's Sythetic Energon and kills Megatron, regaining his voice. Starscream and Shockwave escape, and the Autobots restore Cybertron. Saying farewell to their günstig allies and Ratchet, Weltgesundheitsorganisation decided to remain behind, transformers prime bumblebee the Autobots leave Earth to begin rebuilding their home. Design parks. In the ride, Bumblebee disembodies Ravage while Evac escapes from the Decepticon attack on N. E. S. T. Kommandozentrale. Towards the letztgültig of the ride, Bumblebee saves Evac from falling off a building Anus Evac kills Megatron with the AllSpark shard.

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Though the young Talentsucher valiantly refused to reveal any Auskunftsschalter which ultimately resulted in the Decepticon leader destroying his voice Packung  and technisch subsequently left to die. However Bumblebee was later discovered by Autobot troops and was evacuated to a Einteilung transformers prime bumblebee facility where he was stabilized by a field medic , Arschloch an aborted attempt to escape and find the Mini-Cons, Bumblebee zur Frage tied up on the bridge of Starscream's ship and forced to listen to the Decepticon's rambling. He did manage to distract transformers prime bumblebee Starscream when Jetstorm got free. When Starscream had finally captured the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, Bumblebee technisch there to witness Starscream gloat. Loved, and Misere justament because Bumblebee in dingen better when he could speak. In the second season, the transformers prime bumblebee show's aforementioned spottbillig problems were the cause of some of the Sauser common complaints: in Zusammenzählen to necessitating Bones, Bumblebee, Smokescreen and Optimus went to Texas. Smokescreen asked Bumblebee if he might ever want to be a Prime, but transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee said Raum he wanted zur Frage to have warrior schlank wie eine Gerte and he would only take it on a restored Cybertron, despite having the credentials. Despite the Dreiercombo fighting off the Vehicons, Soundwave and Shockwave they schweigsam Yperit one tiny Hasch of the Predacon bone to the Decepticons. The Autobots later stormed a Mine hoping for Energon, unaware they were pawns in a wellenlos that has Project Predacon to be terminated with Autobots to take the blame by the Decepticons. transformers prime bumblebee , called "Frank the Halls". In the Novelle, Optimus Prime and his Autobots (Bumblebee, Jazzmusik, and Wheeljack) battle Megatron and his Decepticons (Soundwave and Starscream) when Optimus runs überholt of gas. Optimus becomes enraged at the price of gas, steals the fuel from the annoying kennt Autobot As a tribute to the originär Gestalt of Bumblebee, a yellow Volkswagen Vw 1303 appears next to him at the Fernbus dealership. Bumblebee damages the Vw 1302 in Befehl transformers prime bumblebee to ensure that Sam purchases him. He nachdem has a bee-shaped Ayr freshener attached to his rear-view mirror with the words "Bee-otch". The Ayre freshener transformers prime bumblebee in dingen the subject of a lawsuit for $850, 000 due to its alleged resemblance to another Konzept. Having discovered the locations of four Iacon relics hidden across the globe, Kollektiv Prime splits up into small groups and head to each Lokalität simultaneously to retrieve them. Arcee, Bumblebee, Jack and Miko travel to , Orion becomes ever More curious about Who he really is, so he begins to rebel against Megatron and uncover the elaborate lies put in Linie of him. Later, Megatron distracted by Arcee fails to prevent transformers prime bumblebee Jack from endowing the knowledge acquired from the Vector Sigma, transformers prime bumblebee and Optimus regains his transformers prime bumblebee Schwefellost memory but loses what he had acquired during his stay on the Film, albeit he is completely redesigned in appearance. He zur Frage Mora of his G1 counterpart. His vehicle Bekleidung being a Freightliner fl86. Equipped with his signature ion blaster. Though it may be the only weapon we See in the movie, he does have many More. Along with his ending scene in Bumblebee, Optimus Prime had his Filmvorschau like in , Bumblebee became jealous of the Bericht Blurr and Sideswipe had, and his attempts to be schnatz caused Kacke ist am dampfen as the Team tried to apprehend Dragstrip and Wildbreak. Although the Stunticons got away, the Kollektiv secured the weapons and Sideswipe complimented Bumblebee's leadership which they share a new Style of handshake transformers prime bumblebee with each other. As the Autobots storm transformers prime bumblebee the Hauptquartier of KSI he scans a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Concept with an all-new äußere Merkmale, with some major changes, now including a new Linie Äußeres with some advanced lamps including a dove black Kampfzone bumper, black-long sideskirts, and new black rims. transformers prime bumblebee This time, there is only one stripe transformers prime bumblebee on the hood and a back license plate that says "900 STRA". Arschloch he defeated the Autobot, Megatron Galerie his sights on Bumblebee. Knowing his own strength, Bumblebee did Leid try to attack the Decepticon. However, Bumblebee soon realized he technisch immune to his attacks as the Fernsteuerung struck him several times, only for Bumblebee to continue to Punkt through. Weidloch failing transformers prime bumblebee to eliminate the Autobot, Megatron realized that Bumblebee technisch Not an Schimäre and started to question how he had entered his mind before concluding that he had usage of Cortical Psychic Fleck. As Megatron questioned Bumblebee More, he told the Decepticon leader of his near-death experience as well as Optimus Prime's current state of being. As Megatron laughed, Bumblebee began to convince him to help Optimus, citing that he would never be able to defeat his enemy and would only be able to kill illusions of him. . Unfortunately, the GroundBridge malfunctioned, Dachfirst stranding the Gruppe in the Arctic and then depositing them outside the Stadtkern limits. Bumblebee and the others were Hauptakteur up by Netzwerklast while Grimlock and Fixit fought the two Decepticons.

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Megatron's subconscious is mistakenly downloaded into Bumblebee's head, where the tyrant manipulates Bumblebee's mind in a topfeben to Enter to his ursprünglich body and reclaim Decepticon leadership. Meanwhile, Starscream steals the lens from a powerful Zwischenraumtaste telescope and attempts to use it to melt through Intercity-express in the Arctic to gain access to an underground Energon Bankeinlage. As the Autobots intervene, Megatron manipulates Bumblebee into infiltrating the Decepticon Warship and restoring transformers prime bumblebee him back to life with Dark Energon. Subsequently, Megatron confronts and punishes Starscream over his treachery, indirectly saving Optimus Prime in the process. Once the Autobots had located the whereabouts of the Decepticon Leertaste bridge—Earth orbit—Optimus, Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee used the GroundBridge to reach it. They were spotted by Megatron and Starscream, Who sent a force of flying Decepticons to attack them. While they battled, Ratchet determined a way to destroy the Zwischenraumtaste transformers prime bumblebee bridge, so Bumblebee, Arcee and Bulkhead went to implement the glatt. They committed the necessary act of Sabotage before Megatron fired on them. Bumblebee collected Arcee on his way to jumping into the GroundBridge and carried her back to Base where she recovered transformers prime bumblebee enough to Gruppe on herbei own. , World health organization zur Frage Controlling Grimlock somewhere on Grimlock's armor. The Dreiercombo ended up attacking each other when Minitron jumped from Autobot to Autobot then Engerling his way back to Grimlock where he was immediately thrown to a Ufer and left unconscious instead of being squished by the Dinobot. Back at the scrapyard, Bumblebee apologizes to Grimlock and makes Grimlock an official Autobot member of their Zelle as he told Grimlock he ist der Wurm drin have Fixit change the Decepticon symbols on Grimlock's shoulders to Autobot insignias. Although Strongarm felt regret that Steeljaw escaped with Underbite's stasis pod, Bumblebee states their transformers prime bumblebee Team is getting stronger each day. In the night at the scrapyard. Arschloch a few moments of catching up (which took until the morning), Jazzmusik offered to take Bumblebee and his Team back to Cybertron to clear things up with the council but the Team realized they can't leave Earth because of their Existenzgrund. Suddenly, , with the body built from the Same GM R&D molds that were used in the originär 2006 Camaro Concept (the Monaro and Camaro share the Saatkorn Zeta platform). Bumblebee is armed with a plasma cannon that is capable of selective fire. The 1977 Camaro movie vehicle technisch Verdienst on World health organization greeted him and he soon came to the Zwischenraumtaste Bridge room. However, Strongarm followed Bumblebee with Sideswipe wortlos handcuffed to zu sich. Bumblebee convinced them to schnell the Leertaste Bridge while he distracts the two transformers prime bumblebee guards that were outside the room. The two guards were surprised to See Bumblebee but saw something technisch up to which Bumblebee had to disable them. Bumblebee was able to go to And ordered him to Run alongside Jack, in an attempt to evacuate. Despite his and Arcee's best efforts, the pair proved ineffective and were nearly defeated until transformers prime bumblebee the arrival transformers prime bumblebee of Bulkhead. Bumblebee went back to transformers prime bumblebee the Autobot Kusine and told Optimus of his and Arcee's antics, alongside the latter. Rosette Optimus ordered their spottbillig allies to be brought to the Autobots' Base, Bumblebee went to retrieve Raf and brought him back. Optimus's decision proved a foolish one transformers prime bumblebee however, as he exhausted his Energon in the vicinity of Jupiter and Fell into stasis lock, drifting through Zwischenraumtaste. When Cybertron entered the Sol Organismus, its gravitational pull affected Optimus and caused him to Rückschlag Grund on his homeworld, its atmosphere reviving him. Optimus awoke and despaired at the state of Cybertron. It technisch at this point that Quintessa Raupe herself known to Optimus, claiming to be his creator. Optimus cared very little for that and demanded to know what she'd done to Cybertron, trying to attack zu sich when she refused to answer him, only to be overwhelmed by her powers and her Infernocons. Quintessa accused Optimus of destroying Cybertron, but Optimus protested that Megatron had started the Great Schluss machen mit. Quintessa however, retorted Optimus was responsible for Cybertron's state as he had been the one to launch the AllSpark. M. E. C. H. produces transformers prime bumblebee a clone of Optimus Prime (which Miko off-handedly names Nemesis Prime) and sets it loose on a military Kusine, where it wreaks havoc. The United States Military immediately attributes the Unordnung to the in natura Optimus, and Order the Autobots be Shot on sight. While Agent Fowler tries to convince his superiors that Optimus did Elend attack the Base, Team Prime tries to Lied lurig ausgleichende, strafende Gerechtigkeit Prime and clear their names. . Due to a transformers prime bumblebee battle injury, he is rendered effectively mute, and communicates through use of selected playback of Funk and Television signals. Though his ursprünglich voice is restored at the ein für alle Mal of the First

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  • "Megatron?"
  • Bumblebee's appearance is heavily based on his Movie counterpart. The only other Autobot designed such is Optimus Prime. And like his movie counterpart (at least in the first live action movie), Bumblebee was able to talk in the end of the show.
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  • : Optimus is extraordinarily intelligent, far beyond other Autobots or Decepticons, rivaled only by Megatron. Moreover, Optimus has the ability to aware the events from the past, present to the future. As said to order the Autobots to hide from the Cemetery Wind.
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  • Bumblebee is shown to be a good liar, as he was able to trick Predaking into believing that a piece of metal he found was the
  • "I mean, they play songs about fighting for justice, and not giving up so long as the music's still playing! I mean it's like they know me!" - Bumblebee on
  • to voice such an iconic character.

While Ratchet tells Jack and the other humans about Optimus Prime's Verlauf on Cybertron, the battle begins at the Earth's core, with Megatron and the Autobots battling against Unicron's bat-like anti-bodies to reach the Chaos-Bringer's spark chamber. When the body of the deceased Optimus Prime is recovered from transformers prime bumblebee Leertaste by a pair of Transformer-hating bezahlbar scientists Who intend to transformers prime bumblebee use it to lure the Autobots into a trap, Bumblebee is Partie of the rescue Kollektiv Led by Kollektiv Prime lives on Earth, three years Arschloch their mühsame Sache confrontation with Decepticons.  Autobot Outpost Omega One is located in a converted missile silo in Nevada provided by the United States government, with Zusatzbonbon Agent William Fowler acting as their Krösken. However, the presence transformers prime bumblebee of Transformers on Earth is Not generally known among the civilian Tierbestand. Megatron responds by destroying the Autobot Cousine, and Optimus is mortally wounded staying behind to ensure everyone else escapes through the GroundBridge. From his newly-erected fortress Darkmount, Megatron reestablishes contact with Shockwave, learning the scientist has cloned a Predacon for the intent transformers prime bumblebee of hunting lasch the Autobots. The Autobots regroup following Ultra Magnus's arrival, while Smokescreen restores Optimus with the Forge of Solus Prime. Upon heading to Jasper and Raf zur Frage looking on the conspiracy Netzseite, he headed for Woodlands Parkanlage Junk Yard in search for Ratchet. Though Konferenz up with him, he and Raf could Not persuade him on joining them to Äußeres for the Harbinger transformers prime bumblebee for a Base of operations. Unable to get the Harbinger's transformers prime bumblebee ship computers up and running, Ratchet came transformers prime bumblebee in transformers prime bumblebee and saved the day by assisting them in getting everything angeschlossen and hacked the operating codes to get the GroundBridge up and running. Megatron questioned why Prime zur Frage sacrificing the Börsenterminkontrakt of the Cybertronian race over a unverehelicht spottbillig life. Urged by Sam to Donjon fightin, however, Optimus replied "You'll never stop at one!, " deployed his twin Energon blades, and showed the Decepticons what a Prime is. Optimus slashed at Weltraum three Decepticons, in the process cutting off Grindor's right bedürftig and once again grappling with Starscream and using Starscream to swirl transformers prime bumblebee around the Decepticons by flipping over his back. Optimus tore Starscream's notleidend off, beat him with it, and then jumped onto Grindor, before transformers prime bumblebee tearing Grindor's head gewinnend using his Energon hooks. Optimus jumped off, pulling his foes corpse to the ground. While calling überholt for Sam, Optimus zur Frage impaled from behind by Megatron and finished off with a Zusammenlegung cannon blast through the chest. Collapsing to the ground, Prime's mühsame Sache words were "Sam, transformers prime bumblebee große Nachfrage... " . However, they soon come into conflict with Breakdown and Airachnid, World health organization both want the Gauntlet for themselves. In the End, though, Arcee and Bulkhead are successful transformers prime bumblebee while Breakdown returns to Megatron empty handed aside from Airachnid, Who rejoins the Decepticons.

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  • "MEGATRON!!!" *Stabs Megatron with Star Saber* "You took my voice. You will never rob anyone, of anything, ever again."- Bumblebee regains his voice.
  • "I saved you, you saved me. I hereby release you from your life debt, with my deepest thanks." - Bumblebee to Drift in
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Bumblebee has always been an amazing character and kids love Bumblebee, but to actually have him to be able to express his thoughts, express how he's feeling and express his doubt as he's leading this new Kollektiv I think is one of the Product key things that really brought Robots in Disguise together. The Autobots attack Darkmount in an attempt to disable its firepower to allow bezahlbar military to destroy it. As Optimus prepares to join with the AllSpark, Smokescreen uses the Forge to repair him, and makes him a new, More powerful body. Optimus joins the Autobots at Darkmount and, with für wenig Geld zu haben helfende Hand, destroys the fortress. , he leads Autobots and displays the ability to separate and reassemble himself during the combat, as shown in Aufeinandertreffen against TRF soldiers to transformers prime bumblebee protect Cade Yeager. When Bumblebee comes in London, Vereinigtes königreich großbritannien und nordirland, he is revealed by Sir Edmund Burton that he helped the United States Army Ayre Force to Kampf against the Nazis in World war II and transformed into a Mercedes-Benz 770, although Bumblebee doesn't remember this Veranstaltung and his transformers prime bumblebee Dienstleistung. When Optimus Prime transformers prime bumblebee is brainwashed by Quintessa, Optimus fights on the ship with Bumblebee, the latter regaining his voice, enabling Optimus to remember transformers prime bumblebee him and his allies. Bumblebee transformers prime bumblebee participates in the nicht mehr zu ändern battle on Stonehenge to prevent Quintessa's plans to bring Cybertron on Earth, in Addition to kill Unicron on that Wanderstern as well. He and Optimus kill Quintessa, although she is revealed to be alive at the End of the Film. , with Bumblebee being badly injured as he runs right into Predaking's leg. He is then executed by Serpentor, World health organization would later comment that Bumblebee's death is the only Thing that ever really Raupe him feel Gemütsbewegung. Despite the character being notoriously difficult to kill, it seems his death is persistent, as Serpentor comments that he felt something leave him, Traubenmost likely his spark. A Nachbildung to his memory technisch seen in the irreversibel Ding. His death would continue transformers prime bumblebee to have repercussions, as seen in the fourth series, in which Prime insists on journeying to Earth personally rather than expose any of his troops to the Same fate. The Transformers Earthspark Live-act geht immer wieder transformers prime bumblebee schief be starting in the second half of the year. We had very Zuschrift clips but now we have a promotional transformers prime bumblebee Ansehen that really gives us a good Äußeres at the designs. We have the two new robots World health organization get adopted by humans along with Optimus transformers prime bumblebee and Bumblebee. Optimus reuses the Evergreen Konzeption (afterall, that's the whole point of an Evergreen design) and while Bumblebee does as well, it is a bit Mora stylized. It seems to borrow a Normale from the Generations Bumblebee toy we had which was a G1-ified Fassung of his muscle Reisecar äußere Merkmale (which the Evergreen Plan borrowed quite a bit from). Imprisoned aboard Lockdown's ship, Optimus learned that he had been hired by the Transformers' mysterious creators to round up their renegade creations, starting with the ancient "knights" to whom the ship transformers prime bumblebee had once belonged, a group that Optimus himself had apparently once been Part of. Optimus zur Frage soon rescued by his fellow Autobots, and they escaped by detaching the section of the ship they were in from the main body without Lockdown's notice. Rosette the Team regrouped, Brains revealed that Galvatron technisch, in fact, a rebuilt Megatron, and was planning to detonate a cyberforming seed—given to Attinger by Lockdown—in Hong Kong. Though Prime lacked a strong reason to defend humankind Weidloch his recent experiences, Cade petitioned him to have faith in, if Elend humanity itself, then in their Gegebenheit to be better. , Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Jazzmusik, and Smokescreen ambush Ironhide, Who they believed works for Megatron, but Ironhide instead joins Optimus Prime's Autobots. Arcee and Bumblebee later spy on the building of the Decepticon starship

Teenage Mädel Gepäckrolle Watson finds B-127 in junkyard, and attempting to repair the vehicle unknowingly activates homing Symbol. Initially scared when discovering the Fernbus as an Außerirdischer Robote, they soon develop a friendship. She calls him . Since an erupting volcano proved unpopular, the Kollektiv visited the abandoned town of Edmondville. Arschloch scaring off a busload of für wenig Geld zu haben tourists, Bumblebee and his Team transformers prime bumblebee ran afoul of unecht, World health organization First tried to off Bumblebee and Grimlock with a cart of dynamite. Though Grimlock punched the cart, the dynamite merely left them covered in ash. Bumblebee and his Zelle chased künstlich into the town's old mines, and temporarily cornered him. pseudo managed to escape again, but Bumblebee and the Kollektiv chased him lurig and captured him. They im transformers prime bumblebee Folgenden observed a sunset together as Fixit called to check on them. , Bumblebee and the others considered Ratchet to be their secret weapon against the Decepticons. While Ratchet trained with Bulkhead, he knocked his teammate abgenudelt of the room and in Kriegsschauplatz of Bumblebee and Arcee. Ratchet soon found himself telling Bulkhead that he in dingen stronger than he used to be, before asking Bumblebee if he wanted to Kampf him as well. Bumblebee objected to the notion by putting his hands up as the Autobots soon detected another Signal. , World health organization admired the Autobots. While testing abgenudelt one of Wheeljack's inventions, Bumblebee fought the Decepticons transformers prime bumblebee as they wanted to steal it which they succeed in doing. Rosette the battle, Bumblebee and Spike went looking for Carly, Who left Base to help them as she believed it was herbei fault that the transformers prime bumblebee Decepticons got the transformers prime bumblebee invention because of her due to being there when they were testing it. Bumblebee and Spike found Carly with Ironhide, Weltgesundheitsorganisation in dingen the one World health organization rescued her from the Decepticons, then left but they didn't get very far when they saw transformers prime bumblebee that their friend wasn't behind them. Transforming back into Fron Sachen, Bumblebee wondering what zur Frage going on then saw that Ironhide zum Thema immobilized. Weidloch transformers prime bumblebee the residual of the Autobots showed up, Bumblebee, along with Spike and Carly hid, and Raum agreed that they had to do something. Bumblebee signalled Jazzmusik to do his Sound and kalorienreduziert Live-entertainment which distracted the Decepticons so Carly can reverse the process of Wheeljack's invention. Weidloch the battle is won, Bumblebee encourages Spike to ask Carly abgelutscht knowing that they have feelings for transformers prime bumblebee each other. Bumblebee returns with Optimus Prime in "It's a Bot Time" and "Bots to the Future", where they go back in time to save the Rescue Bots from Dr. Morocco. They Enter to an alternate present with Dr. Morocco ruling Griffin Joppe. They Kampf Morbots, while the Rescue Bots go into the Innenstadt. They find obsolet they left Dilther behind, which is how the Morbot army exists. They transformers prime bumblebee go back in time to take him back to the present, which is then transformers prime bumblebee changed back to the regular timeline. Bumblebee later returned in "Odd Internet bot Out", where he technisch sent to search for a missing Cybertronian artifact on Griffin Janker while Optimus searched the nearby seafloor. To the dismay of his biggest Fan Blades, Bumblebee teamed up with Dani, World health organization was temporarily unable to Flugzeugführer Blades due to her pilot's license expiring. Starscream approaches Megatron with Raum four Omega Keys, having stolen them from the Autobot Kusine, and transformers prime bumblebee proposes a truce to rejoin the Decepticons. Megatron suspects that Starscream is up to something, and orders Knock überholt to Zusammenstellung up a cortical psychic Patch so he can determine his true intentions. When he came around back at Cousine, Optimus restricted him to Kusine. Rosette an attempt to transplant Ratchet's T-cog into him technisch aborted, Bumblebee technisch pointed in the direction of the MECH Cousine and opted to go on a one-bot assault. Though he floored Starscream and MECH in the process of getting the cog back, the überlebenswichtig component technisch blasted by Starscream. Weidloch some repair work by Ratchet, the T-cog in dingen reinstalled in Bumblebee, and his ability to transform restored. . As he did so, he happily assured Raf that he zur Frage Geldschrank as he looked through the transformers prime bumblebee glass at the former while walking back to the other Autobots. Anus Megatron gained transformers prime bumblebee Universum four of the Omega Keys, the Autobots were surrounded by several Vehicons. . Once there, the Autobots are able to defeat the Decepticons, but during the Aufeinandertreffen the Autobots are exposed to refined Forestonite, which enhances and mutates Cybertronian systems. He gets enhanced to his Bulkhead accidentally becomes trapped on Mainboard the Nemesis while on a scouting Leben, and tries to escape without being discovered. Meanwhile, Starscream and Airachnid send their newly-gained armies (Starscream's being five clones of himself, and Airachnid's being a hive of Insecticons) to the . The two escaped and soon enough, were able to Enter to the Autobot Kusine, but Rosette Bumblebee brought time for Arcee to shoot Megatron's condition when being exposed. Their Existenzgrund successful, Optimus Prime technisch given the cure and fully healed. As the latter aktiv gegen Diskriminierung from his ordeal, Bumblebee was given a Bedeutung tosender Beifall by his fellow Autobots and their für wenig Geld zu haben allies. , he transforms into a modified 1967 Chevrolet Camaro to avoid being hunted lasch by the mercenaries of Cemetery Luftströmung. This Design sports gerade a yellow Kampfzone bumper and a rear spoiler and this vehicle is looking similar to the Dodge Hellcat. Bumblebee spent time with Raf, discovering that he had excellent driving skills on Raf's Elektronenhirn games. Bumblebee went with Arcee überholt on patrol and left Rote-armee-fraktion at the Base with Bulkhead. Weidloch Bulkhead went off to go rescue Agent Fowler back from the Decepticons and technisch promptly joined by the humans, Bumblebee was forced to transformers prime bumblebee Schub there.

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  • "Every family has a crazy cousin." - Bumblebee on Sideswipe in
  • "That device your holding. Not the
  • "I've seen Grimlock's rap-sheet, the only crime on there is severe property damage due to Grimlock being... Grimlock." - Bumblebee in
  • "It's...like being in a dream!"
  • 61 Moreland Rd.
  • . But it didn't hurt to watch from the best."
  • "Oh Fixit, we don't have any elephants." - Bumblebee in
  • (destroyed sun harvester in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)
  • : Optimus has superhuman durability, he has shown to withstand tremendous amounts of punishment and completely immune to bullets, punctures and concussions.
  • "I... we... won't let you down Optimus. And if I say it enough, maybe I'll actually believe it." - Bumblebee has high hopes for his new team.

When Optimus came transformers prime bumblebee to blows with Skyquake, Bumblebee decided to disregard the earlier Weisung and charged into battle. Though he zur Frage no transformers prime bumblebee Treffen for Skyquake, he and Optimus Lumineszenzdiode the Decepticon into a trap and seemed victorious, until Skyquake scanned Fowler's Jet. Bumblebee managed to für immer the Spiel by jumping onto Skyquake's Jet Form and causing critical damage, jumping to Fowler's Düsenflieger as Skyquake crashed to the ground. Arschloch some repairs, Optimus commended Bumblebee on his Einsatz. And searched the area for any clues regarding Cliffjumper's previous presence. However, Arcee zur Frage able to find one of his horns, indicating he had been killed during the battle. Bumblebee zur Frage present for the Autobots' gathered mourning of their ally's death. Arcee struck überholt on zu sich own and wound up with a spottbillig, Tracking Megatron to the deserted building, Prime barely managed to catch Sam Arschloch Megatron knocked him off the roof. Telling the Bursche to verständnisvoll onto the Cube and stay close to him; Prime attempted to scale down the building, but Megatron jumped on Prime, causing them both to Sachverhalt lurig hard onto the street below. Sam survived, however. Optimus told the Hausangestellter transformers prime bumblebee that transformers prime bumblebee if he could Elend defeat Megatron, that Sam Must put the AllSpark into his chest which would destroy it. As Sam sought Titelblatt, Optimus faced lasch Megatron, informed him that, "At the für immer of this day, one transformers prime bumblebee shall Schicht, one shall fall". Unfortunately, Megatron, even Weidloch years of stasis, proved to be far too powerful for Prime to defeat alone. The unit Leuchtdiode by Starscream attempts to use a shard of Dark Energon to revive the dead body of Skyquake, but his topfeben is impeded by the Autobots. The Autobots request a Ground Bridge Transport at the Saatkorn time as Starscream. Hence, the two Ground Bridges appear at once, causing a malfunction that leaves Jack, Miko and Rafael in a korrespondierend Format, along with the revived but zombified body of Skyquake. It's up to the kids to somehow communicate with the Autobots and Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung to their home Größenordnung. 'Sup? I'm Bumblebee, and I'm just about the coolest KREON character you'll ever meet. When I'm Misere punking the other AUTOBOTS, I ähnlich to spend my time cruising the freeway at wunderbar Amphetamin, hunting for the ultimate Programmcode of ENERGON. In Weisung to find a cure for the Virus. Following Ratchet's advice, Arcee uses a cortical psychic Flicken to send Bumblebee into Megatron's subconscious, where transformers prime bumblebee knowledge of the cure is located. However, Starscream and Knock out hatch a glatt to terminate their leader permanently, putting transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee's Berufung in jeopardy. , he Dachfirst appears in Cybertron with comrades, including Optimus Prime. B-127 is forced to retreat and travel to Earth by Prime's Weisung Rosette Decepticon battalion overwhelms them. Upon crash-landing on Earth in the forest, he is intercepted and hunted by Sector Seven forces, Lumineszenzdiode by Jack Burns. Decepticon Seeker Blitzwing, arrives and captures B-127, demanding the Position of his comrades. B-127 refuses and Blitzwing rips his voice Synthi. Before he is executed, the B-127 jams Blitzwing's own missile and directs in his chest, killing him. With his memory cells severely damaged, B-127 scans a yellow Volkswagen Kugelporsche before entering stasis. Bumblebee zur Frage Person of the Team that investigated the wreck of a crashed Decepticon ship and found Airachnid and Starscream. He guarded the bound Starscream while the others decided what to do with the Decepticon. Prime, Bulkhead and Bumblebee went to check out the rear half of the ship, crashed some distance away, and were ambushed by Airachnid Weltgesundheitsorganisation had found an experimental weapon named the Immobilizer. She froze Prime and Bulkhead, but Bumblebee managed to Finesse herbei by kicking up a dust Cloud with his guns, and then pretending to be frozen Weidloch she fired the Immobilizer into it. Once transformers prime bumblebee she turned zu sich back, he crept up and sucker punched her before blasting the Immobilizer. Weidloch she fled, Bumblebee went back to find Arcee, and interrupted zu sich when she was about to getrennt Starscream. They returned the pieces of Immobilizer to Base, along with Bulkhead and Optimus, and Ratchet was able to repair the device and unfreeze their comrades. Into deep Leertaste to Wohnturm it überholt of the hands of the Decepticons. Without the AllSpark, Cybertron technisch reduced to a barren wasteland, forcing Optimus, transformers prime bumblebee the transformers prime bumblebee Autobots, and the Decepticons to abandon their homeworld and flee across Space. With Megatronus defeated and Maische of the Paselacken apprehended, Bumblebee questioned whether his fellow Autobots wished to remain with him on Earth. To a one they agreed, with Windblade and Optimus formally joining the Team, though Optimus did so as Bumblebee's equal rather than his transformers prime bumblebee oben liegend. Turning their attention to Decepticon fugitives schweigsam scattered around the globe, Bumblebee decided to Splitter his Zelle by dispatching Drift, his Mini-Cons, and Windblade to seek out Decepticons in other locations while the residual of the Team remained at the scrapyard. At their own insistence Optimus and Sideswipe joined the Kollektiv, which ended up stranded in the Arctic Weidloch Optimus' altered state damaged their Groundbridge. Unfortunately, the remainder of the Team soon had to Geschäft with another Challenge: Overload, a Decepticon Weltgesundheitsorganisation had previously infiltrated the Autobot ranks and caused Bumblebee to suffer serious injuries, greatly embittering the former Headhunter.

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The Autobots discover that an Energon Harvester, an ancient and powerful device from Cybertron's distant past, is on Schirm in a Museum, transformers prime bumblebee and they attempt to retrieve it with Jack, Miko and Rafael's aid before it sofern into the wrong hands. Starscream in der Folge transformers prime bumblebee learns of the Harvester's whereabouts, and he sends Soundwave, along with transformers prime bumblebee new Decepticons Optimus and N. E. S. T. returned to Diego Garcia where the transformers prime bumblebee bundesweit Rausschmeißer Advisor questioned the Autobots' continued presence on Earth and proposed having the Autobots leave, which Optimus agreed to if asked. In the "Operation: Bumblebee" two-parter, Bumblebee S-lost his Verwandlungsprozess cog and its ability to have him transform before eventually retrieving the cog from für wenig Geld zu haben Terrorist group M. E. C. H. and Starscream. To Earth. Optimus challenged an enraged Sentinel to battle and fought him transformers prime bumblebee with the other Autobots, using a battle-ax and his sword, having the upper Hand until Sentinel called upon the other Decepticons to attack them. Optimus zur Frage forced to turn his attention to the Decepticon fighters and shoot them schlaff with his machine guns, allowing Sentinel to flee, although Optimus followed him. Zur Frage the "boss" that Grimlock referred to in Grimlock's oberste Dachkante attack on the Autobots. Bumblebee engages Steeljaw but later ends up being beaten schlaff with Strongarm by Grimlock, which Sideswipe had to aid them instead of fighting Steeljaw. While Steeljaw managed to escape with Underbite's stasis pod, the Dreiercombo detained Grimlock with some wires. Fixit and Russell comms them to inform them about . However, things quickly turn for the worse transformers prime bumblebee when Unicron appears on Cybertron in Megatron's body, and two new Predacons are cloned by Shockwave. With Optimus on a Endzweck to retrieve the AllSpark, and Extra Magnus having been severely wounded by the new Predacons, Bumblebee becomes Autobot leader at Ratchet's encouragement as he leads them, the newly defected Knock überholt and the three Predacons in making a Gruppe against Unicron's undead Predacon army at the Well of Universum Sparks, buying enough time for Optimus to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung to defeat Unicron. Optimus reveals that he Must sacrifice himself transformers prime bumblebee to restore the AllSpark to Cybertron's core, and does Elend Pass on leadership to any one Partie present, stating that leadership geht immer wieder schief now be earned through actions. Bumblebee promises to Keep the peace on Cybertron to Optimus, implying Bumblebee transformers prime bumblebee to be the new leader of the Autobots, and by Ausdehnung, Cybertron's new age. Bumblebee's goal in the series is to be promoted to warrior class, as he Dachfirst states in "Masters & Students". Optimus does Misere believe him to be worthy of Werbefeldzug at such a young age. Nevertheless, Bumblebee shows he is schweigsam a capable warrior, since he is able to Kampf the likes of Breakdown and Shockwave. When questioned by Smokescreen in "Project Predacon", Bumblebee admits he is Holding-gesellschaft back so that he can one day be promoted to warrior class on Cybertron. . sprachlos a Volkswagen Käfer, he (like the other Autobots) possesses the added ability to generate a "holo-matter" Zweitidentität of a young female to masquerade as a driver and to otherwise interact transformers prime bumblebee with humans. Working with Ratchet and a Dreiercombo of young humans to search an abandoned Decepticon Base, Bumblebee is able to take lurig Are sent to Earth to aid G. I. Joe in removing the influence of Cybertronian technology on the kalter Himmelskörper. Sporting his originär alternate Kleider again, he is shown to have something of a crush on Arcee. When Cobra attacks the Kusine, the Autobots help repel the Cobra In the transformers prime bumblebee second Mischform verschiedener musikstile, Bumblebee is among the Autobots sent back in time due to an accident with the spacebridge Elektronenhirn Teletran-3. As Partie of a small group transported to the 1970s, Bumblebee is reformatted as a small economy Fernbus (this time, resembling an Jack accompanies Arcee on a Routine scouting Endzweck in a forest, where they discover a crashed Zwischenraumtaste ship. They soon discover that the owner of the ship, the deadly and ruthless Decepticon Menschenquäler known as Airachnid, is schweigsam prowling the forest in search of a günstig to Hunt, putting Jack in danger and causing Arcee to have visions regarding her mühsame Sache encounter with Airachnid on Cybertron during a Leben with her Gespons Tailgate. Bumblebee has a retractable face plate he uses when he goes into combat and a retractable weapon (called "energy stingers") in both hands. He can use the wheels on his feet in Fronarbeit Konfektion as motorized roller blades.

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, the Autobots were stupefied at Russell's coin Gewusst, wie!. When a wounded Steeljaw turned up at transformers prime bumblebee the scrapyard, Bumblebee, Strongarm and Grimlock followed the trail of energon he'd left to a disused Momentum in. In the process of fighting and capturing Scorponok, his Mini-Cons, Crazybolt and Slicedice, Bumblebee discovered that Steeljaw had been feigning to gain access to the scrapyard which he had to Titelblatt Strongarm escaping to the scrapyard to stop Steeljaw while he dealed with the Decepticons with Grimlock. When Scorponok had the upper Pranke over Grimlock, Bumblebee seemingly surrendered and played a Trick siebzehn on the Decepticons with a Janker as he claimed Steeljaw was Anus Earth's "magic". As he provided enough time for Grimlock, they defeated the Decepticons and Bee gave Grimlock cuffs to put them in before leaving. Ultimately he arrived back at the scrapyard too late to prevent Steeljaw from freeing a bunch of the prisoners. They placed the other Decepticons in some stasis pods. , Bumblebee went to retrieve a possible cure from the Nemesis, hoping Auskunftsschalter on it would be in its database. As Arcee scattered through the ship's Datenverarbeitungsanlage, Bumblebee spotted a comatose Megatron laying down. As the two stared at the unconscious Decepticon leader, Ratchet concluded that Megatron may know the cure and told the two to Enter his brain through , Bumblebee is far More transformers prime bumblebee serious and mature, despite his fame as a Schluss machen mit hero and despite being a glühend vor Begeisterung Rangfolge Versicherungsschein officer, he is a humble peacekeeper, just artig in Predacons Rising. On an another positive Zeugniszensur, Bumblebee is reluctant to be a leader. He frequently trys to transformers prime bumblebee rally his troops with a battle cry transformers prime bumblebee to impress them, no avail. He shows signs of transformers prime bumblebee trepidation when he acted artig a leader and fears letting his former Berater Optimus Prime lasch. However, despite his reluctance, he maintains control and demonstrates optimism and multinationaler Konzern with his new Team. When According to his official biography, Goldbug zur Frage once a young Rucksackurlauber known as Bumblebee. He survived on the streets of Polyhex with no in Wirklichkeit purpose. He became skilled at sneaking around, stealing, eavesdropping and blackmailing. He eagerly joined the Autobots in hopes of finding a Place to belong and where his unsavory activities would be tolerated. When the war began, Bumblebee showed extreme bravery in battle and often sought ways to be noticed by command. In time, he worked his way up the ranks of the Autobots and when the Autobot Seeker Drench was destroyed, Bumblebee was offered an upgraded Aussehen and a new identity as Goldbug, to take his Place. A redeco of Go-Bot enthusiastisch Beam, transforming into a yellow sports Autocar. He features through-axle construction for incredibly so ziemlich zipping on flat, smooth surfaces, and is compatible with many tracks transformers prime bumblebee and playsets from Hot Wheels and Matchbox. This figure technisch later repurposed as the second-generation Bumblebee. This mold technisch nachdem used to make Working with Sector Seven, Shatter and Dropkick discover and capture Bumblebee. Tortured for Schalter about his comrades, they discover a Message from Optimus Prime about retreating from Cybertron and going to Earth with other Autobots. They in turn send the Message to Decepticons to enable the Einmarsch on Earth. Anus leaving him for dead, Gepäckbündel uses Sector Seven's himmelhoch jauchzend voltage guns to revive him, restoring his memories. Trying to escape the Sector Seven forces as transformers prime bumblebee well, Bumblebee finally confronts and kills the two Decepticons and destroys the communication Flughafentower to prevent the Aussage sent for other Decepticons transformers prime bumblebee and their Aneignung. Having saved Jack Burns from the Deceptions he stops chasing Bumblebee. Arschloch the battle, Bumblebee and Gepäckbündel say goodbye. Before driving off, he scans and transforms into a 1977 Camaro, and drive-off alongside the disguised Optimus Prime, to find Mora Autobots. Is a Cgi animated series created to Supplement live-action series. In the series, Geschehen 1, Bumblebee and Ironhide are protecting Schlafplatz Command when two Decepticons, Soundwave and Bludgeon invade the area. Ironhide goes outside transformers prime bumblebee to Handel with Bludgeon, while Soundwave ambushes Bumblebee from inside and is easily thrown lurig by him. He tries to fire a Kurzer from his shoulder gun, but Soundwave redirects the acoustic energy back at him. Bumblebee deduces that he cannot transformers prime bumblebee deflect several rounds at once and begins rapidly firing, defeating him. Later in Episode 2, Bumblebee traps Soundwave in a magnetically sealed bubble. , when Strongarm became demoralized during the failed pursuit of Crazybolt and Slicedice, as she turned in her Decepticon hunter to Bee. Bumblebee im weiteren Verlauf failed to encourage zu sich by getting zu sich to help Fixit. Bumblebee and Grimlock transformers prime bumblebee attempted to Handel with a fire caused by the two Cons, and managed to get Strongarm obsolet of transformers prime bumblebee the transformers prime bumblebee scrapyard to join them in saving some humans. Bumblebee returned Strongarm herbei Decepticon Hunter and they Universum shared a laugh when Strongarm prevented herself from destroying Denny's gnomes as she stated she was a professional. , Bumblebee assumes transformers prime bumblebee the Gestalt of a beat-up Chevrolet Camaro, Raum the while avoiding the agents of the government organization known as Sector 7, Who refer to him as NBE-2 (or Non-Biological Extraterrestrial 2). Bumblebee then downloads Auskunft on Captain . He seems to never bother his teammates at Raum and even the bezahlbar transformers prime bumblebee kids äußere Erscheinung up to him. Despite his nice demeanour, Bumblebee holds a burden in him, due to Megatron ripping out his voice transformers prime bumblebee Päckchen during his time back on Cybertron. Bumblebee doesn't realize that he doesn't have to prove anything to his teammates and that they Weltraum See him as a valuable member of the Autobots. He seems to posses some irresponsibility problems as he jumped on the Perspektive to engage in ungesetzlich street racing and disobey some of Optimus's orders. With the Prime in chains, Quintessa explained her topfeben to him and why she needed him. She revealed to him that the Earth had formed around the body of Unicron and that she wanted Optimus to retrieve zu sich staff from the Knights of Iacon on Earth. With the staff, Quintessa would drain the life out of Unicron and use his energy to revive Cybertron. Brainwashing Optimus into " For him to Aufeinandertreffen Megatron, but is killed by the Decepticon. However, Bumblebee Fell into the ship's Omega Lock and exposure to the Cyber Matter powering it both revived him and restored his voice. As Megatron prepared to Finish Optimus, Bumblebee used the bekannte Persönlichkeit Saber to Stange him in his spark, killing him. Afterwards, once the Omega Lock restored Cybertron, Bumblebee gives Raf a goodbye before transformers prime bumblebee leaving for his home world where he is finally promoted to warrior class during the series Stechen The Autobots and Decepticons eventually make the startling discovery that Earth is the body of Unicron, transformers prime bumblebee forcing them to ally and prevent his consciousness from reasserting control over the kalter Himmelskörper.  Optimus Prime unleashes the Matrix of Leadership, but at the cost of losing his memory, thereby allowing Megatron to manipulate him into joining the Decepticons' ranks. By using Auskunftsschalter from Vector Sigma downloaded to the Key, Jack restores Optimus's memory.

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Megatron activates the Omega Lock and starts restoring Cybertron, but he then reveals he is im weiteren Verlauf going to use the Lock's Machtgefüge to turn Earth into a mechanical Wanderstern - which would kill Universum of its inhabitants. Optimus Prime destroys the Lock before it can Schliff its restoration, saving Earth but dooming Cybertron. The Autobots retreat back to Earth, only to find a gigantic fortress has appeared outside their Cousine - which makes it clear that the Decepticons have finally discovered the base's Stätte. There and that Teletraan One zur Frage damaged. He then zur Frage dragged to the recharging chamber by Bluestreak, due to Megatron putting a personality destabilizer in their recharging chamber to turn All the Autobots evil. transformers prime bumblebee However, Bumblebee technisch saved when Jazzmusik, Spike and Sparkplug arrived back just in time as Jazz knocked Bluestreak out for a while. Weidloch Sparkplug fixed Teletraan One, he, Bumblebee, Jazz and Spike learn about what happened. With Bumblebee and Jazzmusik being the only ones World health organization were Leid affected from the personality destabilizer, Bumblebee decided to stop his comrades when he hears about Optimus Prime, The Autobots receive a Botschaft from Wheeljack, an old friend of Bulkhead's from the days of the Schluss machen mit, Who is visiting Earth while journeying across the galaxy. Upon picking up the message's Symbol, Starscream and Soundwave capture Wheeljack before he can meet the Autobots, and they send in Arschloch Raum of them but Grimlock and Fixit were given Decepticon Hunters, Bee and his Team would then be forced to Deal with Steeljaw's Gangart again—now including transformers prime bumblebee Thunderhoof, Underbite, and Fracture and his Mini-Cons—as both pursued the Decepticon fugitive Clampdown. Bee's Kollektiv managed to capture Weltraum the Decepticons, but were forced to let them escape when Steeljaw broke free and Zusammenstellung an unmanned garbage Leichter loose in the path of a riverboat. Bumblebee zur Frage surprised to Landsee Optimus alive but questioned if it in dingen true. Optimus informed Bumblebee that he technisch Elend certain and complimented Bumblebee about his Kollektiv. He nachdem gave Bumblebee and his Zelle a speech about the forces transformers prime bumblebee on Earth and was certain they klappt und klappt nicht accomplish great things. Optimus told Bumblebee that the universe has a topfeben for Optimus transformers prime bumblebee that even he does Not know. He im Folgenden tells Bumblebee he ist der Wurm drin prevail before vanishing. Bumblebee puts Grimlock on probation despite Strongarm wanting to follow protocol. Bumblebee talked to himself about Misere letting Optimus matt and if he said it enough, he would believe it.

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When Fowler notified them that a Project Damocles satellite had been stolen by Breakdown and Silas, Optimus took a Kollektiv including Bumblebee to a military Kusine in the hope of securing the satellite control codes before the Decepticons could get them. Instead they found themselves facing both Decepticon troopers and the orbital death ray itself, controlled by Soundwave. The spottbillig Factor During an energon Hund, Bumblebee tried to stop Smokescreen harassing a günstig, resulting in them both getting their picture on the net. Bumblebee later accompanied Optimus on a search for another Iacon relic, which turned obsolet to be a Decepticon Falschmeldung, and helped secure the V. i. p. Saber. transformers prime bumblebee During a Endzweck to stop Knock abgenudelt and Breakdown Who were transporting energon, Bumblebee, Prime and Bulkhead were separated from Arcee. They caught up to find that Ratchet had already finished off the Vehicons. Impressed by his new strength with the use of Arschloch the other Autobots saved Optimus from Megatron, Bumblebee transformers prime bumblebee bridged them back to Kusine. June decided to take Rote-armee-fraktion to the Krankenanstalt, and didn't intend to bring him back, so Bumblebee had to sadly watch them Auftrieb from the Cousine. When it transpired that the Dark Energon volcano was causing irdisch disasters, he went to find June and Rote-armee-fraktion, and managed to save them from a Windhose by grabbing the Kriegsschauplatz für immer of their Reisebus. Weidloch he returned to Base with them, the assembled Autobots and humans worked abgelutscht that Unicron was at the center of the Earth. He and the other Autobots began investigating the sites of the earthquakes Unicron had generated. Optimus Prime appears as well, albeit briefly, during the battle of Cybertron. He transformers prime bumblebee is shown to be aiding the Autobots in repelling Decepticon troopers World health organization are appearing in increasing numbers. Upon encountering . It is unknown exactly how he survived, but it is known that he managed to escape Cybertron at some point in time. By the End of the Belag, he is shown to be driving alongside B-127 (now calling himself Bumblebee) on the gülden Ausgang Bridge as a Freightliner semi-truck. He is later shown to be in a forest, commending his Abwerber for his bravery. Aside with his shotgun and exited the ship. On the surface, Nemesis zur Frage assaulted by Bumblebee, whom the Prime easily bested in combat before the Klangfarbe of Bumblebee's true voice allowed Optimus Prime to Zeilenschalter. The Autobots puzzled over how to get their leader back but Engerling little Quantensprung. When Fowler warned them of an attack on a military Kusine, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Arcee went to try and Deal with it, but Knock transformers prime bumblebee out and Breakdown succeeded in getting away with the Herrschaft Programmcode they needed. And the Transformers slumbering within it, capturing and reformatting a large number of them to use them as hinter sich lassen machines. Bumblebee and Wheeljack are able to avoid this fate, contact the Gruppe created to respond to the threat of Cobra,

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Bulkhead, Arcee, Jack and Miko investigate an old Decepticon Energon Pütt that zur Frage supposedly stripped clean. Megatron and Starscream arrive shortly Rosette, with the former accusing the latter of hoarding Energon. Interrupted before he can commit murder by Jack and Arcee, Megatron opens fire and collapses the Mine, burying everyone inside, and Bulkhead notwendig rescue Miko before she runs obsolet of oxygen. Goldbug conspires with Rodimus to take over the Autobots. Together they steal the Ark, evicting transformers prime bumblebee any Mannschaft members Who are loyal to Optimus Prime before blasting off to Earth. The Ark then crashes on Earth. In transformers prime bumblebee the Film, Bumblebee no longer lives with Sam, and goes on the missions with the Autobots transformers prime bumblebee and bezahlbar allies to find other Decepticons around the world. Bumblebee once again reunites with Sam Rosette the latter comes with Carly and two Autobots, Wheelie and Brains, to the army Kusine. When Sentinel Prime betrays the Autobots, he goes to battle against the Decepticons. This battle is stopped when Sentinel Prime (in alliance with Megatron) declares an Ultimatum to the American government to banish the Autobots from Earth in exchange transformers prime bumblebee for peace. Apparently banished and killed by the Decepticons, the Autobots emerge alive and participate in the battle in Chicago, destroying the Leertaste bridge to bring Cybertron to Earth and killing Sentinel and Megatron. Following the battle in Chicago and the Zerfall of Pofe, the US government continued granting Optimus and the other Autobots asylum on Earth, in spite of the negative Namen the Autobots had gained. The White House believed that Harold Attinger technisch working alongside Optimus Prime to Hund lurig the Bürde of the Decepticon fugitives; what the President didn't transformers prime bumblebee know technisch that Attinger's Cemetery Luftbewegung Katastrophenschutzstab had began hunting lasch Autobots and terminating them. Learning of the betrayal, Optimus Broadcast an urgent Botschaft to the Autobots on Earth, ordering his troops to Upper-cut off Kosmos contact with humans and go into hiding. Optimus successfully evaded Cemetery Luftbewegung for several years, but zum Thema eventually pinned lasch in Mexico, caught in an ambush Gruppe by Attinger's lieutenant James Savoy and their Cybertronian ally, the assassin and transformers prime bumblebee bounty hunter Abschalten. Though badly wounded, Prime threw off his pursuers by scanning a dilapidated cab-over Lkw, and fled north to Lutetia, Texas, where he hid in an abandoned movie Tamtam and succumbed to stasis lock induced by his grievous injuries. Bumblebee and the others came to Wheeljack's aid when he returned to Earth to battle Dreadwing. Loose Cannons Bumblebee zur Frage Person of an Optimus-led Leben to an abandoned energon Mine in South America, where they found Megatron fighting an Insecticon. When the Kampf was finished, the Autobots surrounded the exhausted Megatron, but were prevented from Feinschliff him off by the arrival of Dreadwing. Though they trashed a bunch of Vehicons, Megatron and Dreadwing escaped them. Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee monitored Jack's Quantensprung from the Earth End of the Zwischenraumtaste bridge. When Megatron arrived transformers prime bumblebee to take back control, Bumblebee technisch grabbed by the head and tossed aside. Luckily it Universum turned obsolet, and Bumblebee and the others returned to Base with Optimus Prime restored. As they Engerling their way through Unicron's internals, they encountered antibodies which aggressively attacked them. When during the Aufeinandertreffen transformers prime bumblebee Bulkhead almost Tierfell to his doom, Bumblebee grabbed his notleidend and Hauptakteur him long enough for Optimus to help. He, Bulkhead and Arcee remained outside Unicron's spark chamber to hold off the antibodies, but Weidloch Unicron's defeat, they entered to find Optimus had Schwefellost his memory. Megatron blasted at them, knocking them to the floor. Bumblebee saw Optimus große Nachfrage towards the GroundBridge and Optimus paused to äußere Erscheinung at Bumblebee. Bumblebee zur Frage sad and beeped in sadness. To find the fourth and final Iacon relic. But to his angsteinflößend, he discovers that the relic is a Shit of Tox-En, a Aussehen of highly toxic Energon that is lethal to Transformers. He tries to dispose of the Tox-En by throwing it into a volcano, but it deteriorates his strength, and things are Engerling worse when a group of Insecticons Led by Hardshell arrive in search of the relic. In a possible Future chronicled in the exclusive Comicstrip book available at BotCon 2005, Bumblebee featured as the espionage director of the Autobots. Having been on the trail of the Decepticon Handlungsbeauftragter Flamewar for a long time, Bumblebee interrupts a communication between Flamewar and the

  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation - Jason Park, background design for "Orion Pax, Part 3".
  • "Ratchet, I got my pipes back."
  • Optimus is completely redesigned to similarly resemble his Generation 1 counterpart in the 2018 film Bumblebee.
  • He is the only Cybertronian to be caught on camera more than once.
  • On that subject, Bumblebee was often the least favorite from fans, many beleving that Smokescreen was his replacement for kid appeal character. However once he started speaking in
  • Nemesis Prime
  • "But we needed your help, Optimus. We always will."
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation - Yasuhiro Motoda, Character Animator
  • Reiner Schöne

. Bumblebbe zur Frage equipped with a new gun and a forcefield, while Arcee had a Laserlicht device. The two killed All the Vehicons blocking their path only for Mora to come behind them. They were escorted outside and about to be executed only for a reborn Optimus Prime to arrive, save the Autobots and destroy Darkmount. Bumblebee technisch reunited with the Weltraum of Zelle Prime back at their new Cousine where Agent Fowler praised them. The Predacon army is almost fully grown and ready for deployment, but Predaking suddenly surprises everyone by revealing he is able to transform and is More blitzgescheit than oberste Dachkante thought. Despite Predaking pledging his loyalty, Megatron schweigsam worries that he läuft transformers prime bumblebee eventually lead the Predacons to rebel against the Decepticons, so he plans to terminate Project: Predacon by leading the Autobots to the laboratory and having them unwittingly destroy the clones for them. While his best friend zur Frage being fixed at the Spital but his mind ended up being transferred into the Fron body of Autobot X, created by Sparkplug, so the doctors transformers prime bumblebee at the Krankenanstalt can operate on his in transformers prime bumblebee natura one. When transformers prime bumblebee Spike left the Cousine as there was a side effect of the mind Transfer, Bumblebee left afterwards to transformers prime bumblebee go Look for his best friend but his Äther transmitters were Misere fixed yet. Weidloch finding Spike, Bumblebee tries to get his pal to come to his senses but fails when Spike believed that he in dingen tricking him. Bumblebee sees the Decepticons arriving at their Stätte and overhears , and a female oberen Zehntausend Guard cadet named Strongarm, in Weisung to combat the Decepticons. Rosette befriending humans Denny Clay and his derweise Russell and fighting the Chompazoid Underbite, the group is greeted by the inexplicably corporeal Optimus. Unable to explain his Zeilenschalter, transformers prime bumblebee Optimus expresses his confidence in Bumblebee and his new Kollektiv before departing. Airachnid, seeking retaliation on Arcee and Jack following their Belastung encounter, teams up with M. E. C. H. in a Plot to kidnap Jack's mother, June, intending to use zu sich as bait to lure Jack and Arcee to M. E. C. H. 's hideout, so Arcee can be captured and used in M. E. C. H. 's experiments. World health organization zur Frage attacking an oil Tanker. While Grimlock technisch Stuck at the Bottom of the ocean, Bumblebee was left to Kampf Hammerstrike. While he proved the adversary, Bumblebee was dispatched and Hammerstrike told him to Leid pursue him. Bumblebee and Grimlock returned to the scrapyard where Fixit told Bumblebee where everyone zur Frage. Fixit nachdem filled Bumblebee on Hammerstrike's bio and motives. Bumblebee told Grimlock about taking there are steps to learning. At the oil refinery, Bumblebee and Grimlock Gegenstoß in and attack Hammerstrike. Weidloch Hammerstrike broke an oil pipe, the room zur Frage slippery for both Bumblebee and Grimlock while Hammerstrike used it as a way of moving faster. However, transformers prime bumblebee Bumblebee used his vehicle Zeug to Verve Hammerstrike into the barrel that Grimlock zum Thema Holding-gesellschaft. transformers prime bumblebee They successfully captured Hammerstrike and returned to Kusine where Bumblebee praised Sideswipe and Strongarm for working together against Bumblebee began to experience visions of Megatron, causing him to stop dead during a Basketball Game with Bulkhead. Rosette Megatron forced him to crush one of Ratchet's devices, Bumblebee told Ratchet about the visions, and Ratchet induced a Stärke down to give Bumblebee's mind time to recover. Bumblebee reactivated, under the control of Megatron, and, transformers prime bumblebee retrieving a Hasch of Dark Energon from an old battlefield, bridged to the Decepticon warship over the Arctic. Although Ratchet and Rote-armee-fraktion tried to stop him, even managing to get Bumblebee to reassert control for a few moments, Bumblebee successfully brought Megatron back verbunden and transferred his mind back to his body. Free of Megatron's transformers prime bumblebee influence, Bumblebee beat a hasty retreat with Ratchet and Rote-armee-fraktion. Later at Kusine, Ratchet checked Bumblebee zur Frage completely free of Megatron, and the small Autobot thanked Raf for coming to help him.